Stamina/Gold videos in Quests

I know this was changed some time back, but I really hate the new version. I have regular issues with the 2nd video either the ‘no movies available’ problem or the game dumps me back to the quests screen and I don’t get a chance to even click the button.


  1. Have both stam/gold videos drop half, but double the number. So stamina would drop 15 per video, gold 2 or 3. Then, if there are any issues you simply go back to the quests page and you get to try again.

  2. Make video watches drop tokens which can be exchanged for stam/gold (limit per day)

  3. Fix it. Make the server not even present the button if there’s a connection problem. For a while I found waiting 3-5 seconds after that “watch a 2nd video” button shows up before clicking it or I’d get the “no movies available” message. Now, it’s worse and there’s no workaround.

Yes, I’ve tried different phones, networks, rebooted, un/reinstalled and it’s persistent. HH doesn’t support the video service, which is fine, but the game needs to account for how bad that service is or don’t even bother. Just give me 150 stam and 5 gold daily after I watch the ads. I know this a prime source of revenue, so missing 1/3 of them daily seems really bad.

Not too long ago this topic was brought up. We’ve found that waiting about 10 seconds before you click the second video will prevent the “no movies available” message from popping up. :slight_smile:

yeah just go until you see “watch another video for 20” then wait like 15-30 seconds. eazy peazy lemon squeezy

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