Watch Video for Daily Quest - No movies availible

Good day Guys.I apologise beforehand if this topic has been discussed before.I would like to know if anybody is experiencing the “no movies availible” after watching the first movie for free stamina?


yea wait for 2 mins before trying the second one


@BERZUNICH what about the 20 stamina one?

@TSMentJonathan after you watch the 10 one wait a while before pressing the 20 one

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If you go out of the app on the first one, it will disconnect you from the servers for a second, thus preventing you from watching the second movie.

If you don’t, then that may be a newer issue since that rarely happens for me. Try waiting a sec before going into the second ad.

Yes this issue is really starting to annoy me. I’ve brought it up before but I never got a response so I’m glad that you are posting it here.

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When I go for the free gold or a quick win, I have to wait a few more seconds before I can go again. For the free gold, what I do is go to the screen where it gives you the option for 3 more gold, wait 10 seconds, then click. Maybe five seconds is enough.

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I too have been experiencing this issue too. I always figured it was my internet connection, but I’m glad to see others are experiencing it as well.

This is good information (more than we get in support tickets for similar issues) but it should go into a support ticket. We need to grab your account data and carrier info, which is sent when you submit a ticket, along with other data we need to narrow down potential problems.

I know you hate sending in support tickets, and would rather discuss issues publicly to get our attention. However, attention or no, we can’t solve this without support tickets.


Side note: if you’re not letting those videos play COMPLETELY, and exit them early in the hopes of getting credit, the next ad will NOT be queued up correctly, so you may get an error or have to wait.

Not accusing anyone of anything. But, if that applies to you, you can solve your own problem with patience.


10 seconds worked for me

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Yeah I just wait 5-10 seconds between videos and it’s fine. The issue started with me at least a month ago. Maybe since the slurp update? The issue is not with Forged Fantasy though.


same problem happened to me these days. Sometimes no video for the 20 stamina one which was annoying. I will try to wait for a few secs before hit the 20 stamina one.

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Waiting seems to work for me. Started before Slurp update, I think. I’ve sent a support ticket too, more should do the same. Glad I’m not the only one.


I did submit a ticket about a month back and was told that “HHG doesn’t own the service” and was sent a generic troubleshooting guide for connectivity, all of which I had previously done.

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