Number of fragments per star

I was doing some calculations at to how soon I can get a 10* hero as i just got maven to 8 stars. She needs 600 frags to get to 9. I cant seem to find how many frags are needed to get to 10. Can someone help me out? Thanks

1080 fragments from 9 to 10* :slight_smile:

Thanks my man…only 10 more weeks of grinding or some lucky crates…

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Remember to pick her from the Gauntlet store.
I made my Dogface 10* through the Gauntlet store. I am one of those bastards with double Gauntlet resets daily so I could claim 60 fragments / day. To go from 9* to 10* was not even 3 weeks of looting but of course with 1 Gauntlet reset it takes longer.

I remember after I got him to 9* and saw that I needed another 1080 fragments I felt very unmotivated but I got to work and did it.

Can you believe we used to need 10,000+ fragments for 10*?? :flushed:


Sweet mother of pearl…:neutral_face:

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I think I have to throw up!

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Did they also give way more fragments out back then?

As a side note, you also need 2.5 million cash to level up to 10 star. That was a huge jump from 8 to 9 star and I remember that taking me a few extra days to acquire even after I had the 1080 fragments.