Star Rating Cost Reduction

Hello Hunters, it’s time for another monthly update!

Before we release the amazing new update we wanted to give you a bit of notice that we are making some more changes to Star Ratings and Hero Fragments. In short, upgrading Star Rating costs too many Hero Fragments!

To address this we will be reducing the overall required Hero Fragments needed to get to 10 Stars. The new total number of Hero Fragments needed for a 10 Star Hero is 3.8 times lower!

When we break down the math per tier, this change really only impacts achieving 6 Star to 10 Star heroes. The cost per Star will be unchanged for 5 Star heroes and below, we feel this is in a pretty good spot.

It’s likely some of you might be thinking

“But I have a Hero at 7 Stars already, will I be losing all the Fragments I’ve invested!”

Don’t worry, we don’t want to you lose any investments you’ve made in your Heroes. What we will be doing is refunding you the difference. So if you had a 6 Star Hardscope once you update you will still have a 6 Star Hardscope, but we will give you back 150 Hardscope Fragments. (495 - 345 = 150)

There are a few enthusiastic players who will encounter this, but if you have over 2,625 Hero Fragments for a specific Hero we will be converting any extra Hero Fragments into Elemental Fragments.

If you have any questions or have any feedback please leave a response.


When can we expect this update? In a couple of hours? Today? Tomorrow?

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As soon as you waited for it buddy.:sunglasses:

Great news, thanks @Huginn.
You are just on the right corrections that we asked for.

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We’re just going through the last checks before we’re able to release.

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A chart would be useful, like the one showing how much you needed for 0.9

Fragment Change