October Patch is out!

Patch is out!

But where are the patch notes? Hmmmm…

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Good no more collecting 20 gold gears. just 6

guess new metal grade is gonna be up soon. thats y they made it too ez to plat. maybe maybe not !!!

You cant upgrade to plat4 before certain level

Yes but upon farming a bit, I’m pretty sure that they destroyed the drop rates. So its not a very big change.

true mate… omg those drops !!!

It takes just as much stamina to obtain gold equipment drags, but at leas Canisters will be easier to craft

Hmm… wonder how we get Brogan?

I’m just wondering where the patch notes are, where the damage role warfare is, and the new game changer that was added is pumpkin shooting?

And PvP changed to fighting ourselves?