Offensive and Defensive Mods

I’m not sure if the topic is already made , but i really want to know what actually does OFFENSIVE and DEFENSIVE mods meant by?

Think of it as a multiplier on your base stats, stars increase the multipliers but promotions increase the base stats

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What I found is… Offensive & defensive modes only helps in wars & not in pvps

This is not true at all.


Please enlighten me… I know i can be wrong

Read my above comment. Mods are just multipliers to base stats, so they will increase your damage by x amount and increase your armour by x amount. This has a direct correlation with how effective they are in PVP. It also increases their total stats and therefore total power

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Kool… So, i should use “mostly” in place of “only”

Every time you shoot or take damage, your Mods are affecting what happens. The only modes they DON’T come into play are War and Patrols.


No you should make it “not” instead of mostly or only. :wink:

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Oops, I thought we count lots of things like critical hits etc in wars…so, maybe mods are also included.

Man I took the topic for an entire different meaning lol

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