Oracle Gun Glitch

I’ve encountered this a few times in Co-ops but never thought much of it until now in PvP.

What I’ve managed to understand so far is if you die with a hero and automatically switch to Oracle whilst she’s using her silver, there’s a chance her gun is free to use whilst she’s still in animation. Thought it’d be something worth mentioning :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Edit: to clear up the picture, the sparks on the cover is the bullets coming from Oracle’s gun, I just can’t aim whilst taking a screenshot at the same time)


Interesting, so can you still aim and shoot while she’s doing this?

Yep, I can aim and shoot freely

Interesting, its just like carabina and her silver.

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You can shoot but it does no damage, this is the same effect when Alvarez uses his temporal lockout. The bullets never make contact with enemies, but I believe you can still shoot cover

Its just little bugs that dont matter really, still fun to know

Well, I am not an expert… but,after reading & understanding the issue …the reactions of fellow players & their suggestions… I’ll say…

I can’t say anything… as I mentioned… I’m not an expert :slightly_smiling_face: