Discussion: Should blalantly bugged heroes be allowed on PvP tourneys?

Maybe I’m just biased because I lost every single match I played against plat Oracle, but when a hero has a gamebreaking bug like Oracle’s rockets, do you think it’s fair to allow said character on temporary tourneys? Im fine with encountering her in Free Play and just accepting the loss, for a month. But finding her in tourneys where every live can make a difference, is heartbreaking.

Anyone who bought the Oracle’s crate, or was lucky enough to get her, and made her plat, has almost a free ticket to top ranks on PvP.

The devs know there is an issue with her, and they said they will fix it next update. So people is allowed to abuse a broken hero for a whole month? It’s kinda frustrating to be losing matches to a bug.

I’m with you on this. A character that has a bug that makes her/him more powerful should not be available in PVP.
But in the long run, should they be available in any competitive event at all? A super-alliance with twenty-five 10* Platinum Oracle WILL dominate the bounty hunts for instance.

She souldn´t be avaliable. They should send a massge, why she´s out of competition and just take her out. She´s not even an event hero. Same is with the other events.

I dont´t really get why they dont`t fix her as soon as possible. Why with next month update?

Well, to be honest, I thought the bug was a PvP-only thing, so I don’t know if the bug would happen in bounties too. But yeah, broken heroes (I mean bugged, not strong/OP) should be banned from any competitive game mode, in my opinion.

whats wrong with her? I think I’ve been lucky enough to not encounter a plat oracle yet.

Her plat rockets (they do around 40k each ones for a total 120k at the start of the match) keep falling over and over once she activates her bronze.

I’ve counted up to 21 (including the first 3) in a single match, so, instead of 120k, it did 840k. And, besides doing massive damage, they stagger, which interrupts any skill you may be casting and disorient, which makes your basic weapon spread more, resulting in missed shots. Basically, when two plat Oracles face, it’s a race to see which one activates bronze first.

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