Out of Control Bug or Blatant Cheating?

This happens more than not, enemy heroes reviving when revivers are dead or they have no revivers at all. Mauler can stun and stagger an entire team without even hitting them. There are times when enemy heroes become completely invisible. Normal invisible heroes have a silhouette, but these don’t. They aren’t even capable of being hit by Savage, they completely disappear. I wouldn’t ask if my team did these things too, but they don’t. Some things I know to be bugs because my team does it too are: super fast Clyde, Flatline failing to revive, and Flatline’s stun failing to work. The issues are becoming too much to bare. I hope someone can answer and address these concerns.

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They eant you to reports thos through the ingame support. Pleas do so.

But I do have the feeling it is a bit more common currently. I think it might be latency related.

Yeah, I’ve done that with the screen shots, date and time, timezones etc. All they do is close my tickets. So that’s why I’m here now. You could very well be right on the latency idea. It would just be nice for support to give me answer as to what’s going on. At least then I know they will be working to fix it. Closing my ticket without any action after I provide the requested info is about the same as sweeping the issues under the rug.

Irfits silver combined with Maulers plat can stand and damage a whole team. Since it is a passive skill you do not need to him them for it.
Maybe you just lose track of the invisible heroes? As far as I know invisible heroes can not be hit by Savages pray and spray.

No there are things that are wrong and reporting them ingame doesn’t work because they will ask movies etc. I am not their software tester. I will report buggs but they should confirm them.

Auto target still retargetting despite being toggled off. Colonel Wesson in semi manual (auto) applying skills to targets other than the one manually selected

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latest updates stated that spray and pray will now target Invisible enemies.

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I forgot to mention the invincible Flatlines. They can’t lose any health once they drop to 50% hp.

Make sure to double check the reply they gave you! If you report a cheater, they can’t tell you the resolution of the situation, just that they’ll investigate. It involves someone else’s account information. They wouldn’t tell a random player what you last purchased, right? Trust that if they find anything, it’ll be handled discreetly.

If you report an issue, they’ll collect your info, and let you know they’re looking into it. They can’t tell you “yes you’re right, that’s definitely a problem” because their job is to observe and report. Support can’t always confirm that what you’re seeing is intended or not, as they don’t actually make the game. If there’s an issue, the developers will fix it as soon as they’re able. Some issues take longer than others. Back to my old credo: if it seems simple, or obvious, and you haven’t seen it changed, there’s a very good reason for that.

Don’t take closed tickets personally! If they left all tickets open for you to come back to, it would create a very unwieldy thread, and response times would skyrocket due to confusion of issues. As always, please trust that everything HH does, from game to support to whatever else you see from us, is done for your benefit, whether it seems that way initially or not.

I would love to trust HH but the communication failure on the bounty spawn ratio ruined that.
A part of your customers relies on the forum for information and then a HH representative comes by: Oh yes I mentioned this on discord but yes there is a bug. Like we should all check discord for all the dissapearing information.

This could be solved by providing clear information on one medium where all the information that is relevant is nicely grouped together. But all will know to find it. Create an updated topic where all known issues are listed.


I guess I don’t really understand the issue here. The knowledge that there was a bug has no bearing on any form of gameplay. It wasn’t any ‘privileged information’ or anything regarding upcoming events/updates. It was just acknowledging that there was indeed a bug. That is not the sort of thing that at all warrants official forum communication.

It was the way it was confirmed by HH. When the topic was up for four days. Maybe I overestimate the size of the team at HH but this forum is not such that it can’t be managed every day.

This is little bit unrelated to this specific issue, but my last few tickets have been like this. I have submitted the proof, screenshots, timezone and all the things they needed. Response I got was that they were unable to reproduce this on our end and will close the ticket. They did not even acknowledge that I was affected by it and did not even mention compensating for it. At this point I think submitting ticket is waste of time and I am really not getting anything out of it.

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That’s understandable. I can accept that. All I get is ticket closed. No mention of “we’ll look into this.” That’s why I came here.

The point he’s trying to make that it would be easier for people to read it on this forum, multiple communication sources are great, but some important stuff could be missed by people, especially if they like the game and want to be updated what is going to change.

What I like about the forum is that it’s easier to read things back, with vip chat and discord, messages get lost.

So answer to this post in discord should be posted here

Why on Earth is this flagged? Please enlighten me…

Lately, heroes after being revived by Flatline, just “dance” on the spot aimlessly, can’t auto or manual shoot, can’t use skills… Buggy.

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