PvP Issues Post Oct II Update

Has anyone else been experiencing bizarre things in PvP since the Oct II update? My Flatline has a 50/50 chance of her revive skill killing an ally vs reviving a dead one. I have seen countless times when the enemy’s Ifrit fails to revive anyone when he should. Thrn there is the ultra quick Clydes. Also, a potential issue or possibly just my lack of understanding of, but I seem to be staggered, disrupted, and stunned by everyone on the enemy teams by close to half of the player’s I match against. I would likely think nothing of this, but as we all know everyone has the exact same teams, so either all should be doing this or none should. Please let me know if perhaps I’m missing something, or if I’m not alone in seeing these anomalies. Enemy teams are made of Panzer, Dogface, Drake, Nightingale, Flatline, and/or Ifrit.

I’ve seen a few ultra fast Clydes indeed but I think it’s connection issues / rubber banding and I didn’t care much about it until I heard more people experiencing it. I can not say I have noticed anything else odd of what you’re mentioning.

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I think this a bug when mandrake and ifrit are on the team, they seems to get insane speed when they are revived or fall below the threshold of mandrakes gold(kinda like his silver skill)

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Thanks to you both. I appreciate the feedback.

yeah, I’m getting this thing where I get matched up against Teams with a multiple bar plat member with regular gold members. And I lose even though my team is even bar ratio. Because pvp isn’t broken at all…