PVP problems

One of the main reasons of playing is PvP. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the other events too but to me PvP is the one for me that keeps on playing. And when it starts to have problems, it gets on my nerve.

First, Ifrit’s revives are not working properly. There are times when it makes or breaks the situation, PvP and campaign. Its so frustrating as to see why are there not ressing. You can see he gives you his passive and then it disappears suddenly like wth. Flatline’s taser icon is still there after Heimlock’s sterile comes in and it partially blocks the view of that hero as I can’t really see where I’m shooting at.

Number 2, sometime the opposing team characters move so fast from one end to another. Its difficult to land shots on them. Dogface’s shot with both active skills has a hard time hitting them. Even worse when Ifrit’s showtime is active, all misses lmao.

C, on auto mode (I cant aim lmao),why do some heroes just stop shooting all of a sudden? They would almost empty their clips, like for example left 4 to 5 shots left, and then they crouch, giving chance for the enemy team to heal then resume back to shooting but had to reload coz out of bullets. Not to mention when I want to reposition them, they refuse to move even though there is no one at the side.

Anyone else facing the same problem as me or worse? Wanna compare the things/bugs we face in the game. Really hope the devs sees the problem and try to solve it ASAP.

PS: sorry for the long post about my ranting.

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:stuck_out_tongue: you counted each of your points in a different manner, “firstly, Number 2, C” hehe… (just find it funny, not berating you)

I agree with your Number 2 point, moving heroes are really tough to shoot sometimes, and as a player who prefers sniper/precision weapons, I wish that was less the case (shotguns are not as bad because of their spray).

for Ifrit… I believe that you lose the ability to Rez, because you get a killing blow (which is written in the ability itself)

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So meaning if you kill the enemy, you will not get the rez? Kinda lame

Nah I kind of like the no rez if you killed a hero makes him less.useful or it just be a revive heal revive heal match which happened when he first introduced was a tie as you couldnt keep heros down