Panzer's Bronze Does Not Start at 100% in Gauntlet Missions

First point I’d like to make is that Gauntlet missions start at 1:57 - 1:58 minutes, which is odd… Is it not supposed to start at 2:00 minutes?

Secondly, I’d like to mention that I did bring this issue up to Support, but they gave me a very phony, automated-like response that did not even address the problem. So, here are multiple screenshots of Panzer’s bronze skill not starting at 100% at the beginning of the match in Gauntlet.


Can you also check campaign missions?

Campaign missions have same cooldown levels as gauntlet missions.

I don’t have panzer yet, so I cannot research myself.

I thought someone opened this thread before, but can´t find it :thinking:

At Gauntlet you carry your HP and skill cooldown over to the next stage. It should be full at the first stage and afterwards the time should set at the same time you left with the stage before. But the last picture is stage one or am i wrong? That is weired.
The timer starts as soon as you enter the stage, so the time while your heroes run towards their position is already counting.

@NyrisWintersteel Just checked. It starts at 100% at the beginning of a campaign mission :+1:t4:

@WalleWu You are correct. The last picture is from the very first mission of a Gauntlet sector, and it still does not start at 100%. I’ve tested this a few times and it is consistent.

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How is it at PvP? Does it still start at 100% there? Think it still starts at 100% there too, but maybe I´m wrong and they stealth nerfed her?

Yes, I’ve used her in about 99% of my last PvP matches, she starts off at 100%. :sweat_smile:
Seems to be only Gauntlet.

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