Fix reloading?

Some of the characters have ridiculously long reload times that dont make sense. Why are some of these characters taking upwards of 5 seconds to reload. And if they are interrupted it RESETS the entire timer. Some really bad characters this does it to is Matador and Callidus. Sometimes they get so bad they become unusable in pvp. Is panzer the only character that reloads without going through the timer? She actively loads while in the timer. She seems to be the only character in the game who can do that which seems pretty imbalanced on an already imbalanced character. It would be one thing if it was a skill that allowed that to happen but this is a game mechanic.

Some characters have a sort of “reloading checkpoint” where if they get interrupted they’ll pick up the reload from there. Keep in mind that reload times are one of the many factors used to balance heroes.

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Could you please elaborate on this? From what I’ve noticed, if any hero gets interrupted while reloading, they’ve got to restart all over again. However, I’ve noticed that changing between cover in the middle of a reload does not cause the reload timer to restart.

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This only happens when YOU interrupt the reload (using a skill or moving). But if the reload is interrupted by the enemy (any stagger/stun), the reload will be totally reset, as far as I know.


oh ok, thanks for letting me know

Moving also adds a little more time to the reload.

Let’s say your normal reload takes 3 seconds and you had 1 second left, if you move it seems like another 0.5 seconds is added, at least the reload circle increased again

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