Frustrated with Gauntlet

Hi guys, I am a fairly new player here, level 48.

I’m kinda frustrated with Gauntlet… and I would like some help to consistently clear Sectors 1-5.

How does it really work and why do the sectors keep on increasing power level each time Gauntlet resets? The power increases are completely disproportionate to my heroes’ level increases. I upgrade my heroes a bit between gauntlet runs, but gauntlet resets increase power much more than how I’ve upgraded my heroes. Not very fair?

I’m having trouble with Sector 1 which now starts off at 5600 power. It used to be 5300 power which I could just about deal with and clear right up to Sector 5, but now it’s just not possible because I don’t have enough guys to tackle Sector 1 (at 5600) then have enough to clear through 1-5.

Everytime I figure out a good combination that gets me past the first sector (leaving me with enough heroes to do the remaining sector), the damned thing increases power on me again after it resets.

What’s the best way to do this? I am thinking of:

(1) To level up ALL my heroes to, say, level 48? But if I do that then, will the first sector be level 48 as well? Has anyone figured out how the 1st Sector power (and subsequently) is calculated?

(2) Or should I make 5 teams of varying strengths, some level 48, some level 40, 30, etc, to ‘average down’ my hero strength so that Sector 1 power level will be manageable?

Very confused and frustrated player here and I would greatly appreciate some tips from the pros.



Gauntlet looks at your total power to set strength. After a while it maxes out, but you are far from that right now.

Before mandrake nerf, I used just 2 heroes to clear sector you can’t do that.

Best bet is to have 5 teams in increasing power levels.

Also, before picking your team look at the 3 opponent teams. Pay attention to the elements, that helps a lot.

Have atleast 1 healer for each sector, early on nightingale is ok but later you need someone like heimlock or hard scope - people that can heal others and themselves too

I’m hijacking this thread.
I love the Gauntlet. It’s my morning routine now. My alarm goes off 30 minutes before I need to leave bed, so I start Hero Hunters, start Gauntlet on auto and just observes with my tired eyes how my different team-combinations collaborate. I am blessed with more heroes than I should have after a month of playing so I don’t have any real problems with the Gauntlet. Often I feel that the first two sectors are the hardest ones since I tend to save my best heroes for sector 4-5 but I have realised lately that I have enough “best heroes” now to let some of them help the C and D teams in the early sectors.

Thanks for your help!

Before I select a team for the sector I look really closely at the loadouts of each of the 3 opposing teams in the sector and try to choose a lineup which can deal with all 3 well, taking into account hero, elemental type majority, dps and support roles and strategy of who to take out first-last.

I even check out the skills points of the opposing teams and do a trial lineup for Sector 1-1 before I commit to a team for that sector.

But it somehow always boils down to power level.

When does gauntlet max out? I really need the Sector 5 500 gauntlet gems because that is worth 5 Dogface frags.

Hey thanks… can you let me know how you configure your teams C/D and E for Sectors 1-3?

Right now I have

5 gold heroes, ranging from 5-7 star
3 Silver(3) heroes, 3-5 stars
10 Silver (0) heroes, 3-5 stars
Remainder are bronze (0) to bronze (1).

Total I have 38 heroes. Got all the healers - Heimlock/Matador/Gammond/Moss/Nightingale/Keel/Hardscope/Operator.

I have no idea how to win this thing.

I usually just pick on random until my power level is higher than my recommended power level.
As for sector 1 it’s usually Matador who leads the team, maybe also Ronin as a second “strong choice” and then I fill out with characters from the bottom of the roster like my bronze Clyde without upgraded skill, Butter (i stopped upgrading him at level 32).
Same for sector 2. One-two strong “upper roster” characters such as Bolt and Mandrake, and a few weak ones.
Sector 3 is usually lead by Gammond along with some mid-tier characters. Not maxed out ones but not terribly bad ones either. I usually put
When I get to sector 4 and 5 I have all my tops picks left to choose from. Hideo, Odachi and Prophet can on their own clear sector 4 but they get company of Savage sometimes, or Surge. Pretty high-levelled characters for me. Been trying Cinder out at this sector recently.
Sector 5 is pretty much always Heimlock, Caine, Phalanx, Maven and Steele.

I never had to analyse the enemy team or anything, I just never had any problems getting through the Gauntlet - yet, but it might change I guess!

I can make a video recording of tomorrow’s Gauntlet run and post it on Youtube then get back here with the link to the video but I don’t think you’ll learn much from it since it’s just me picking teams that play on auto.

Anyone else can offer more tips than what has been covered above? I have levelled more heroes and now it is worse since the reset makes the base power of Sector 1 @6400 which is clearly out of range for me.

At what level does Gauntlet get a bit easier? Markus (above) seems to have a simple time.

Markus, can I ask what level/grade your heroes are, how many you have and what the approximate power levels are per sector for you?

Hi again!
We have to keep in mind that I am VIP 11 (I have payed several bucks!) and my roster is probably not what it should be given I haven’t played for very long.
Last week I tried making a video of my Gauntlet run but my device would only record 3 minutes. Judging from this video my sector 1 was at, last week, 7500 in recommended load out.
My team level is 57 with a total team power of 122.000. I have 12 gold heroes and a total of 44 heroes unlocked ranging from totally maxed out (8* Heimlock, Prophet, Dogface, Salvatore) all the way down to a few ones I haven’t worked on at all (so yes I have maybe 10 useless heroes).

Well, its hard to give tips without knowing what heroes you upgraded, or how many heroes you’ve got.

The basic tips are:

  • Use at least one healer per sector. Without a healer, your heroes will die, and you will need more than 5 heroes per sector.

  • Use your heroes according to the threat faced. First sector can usually be cleared with 4 random heroes and one healer, so try to use the weakest team possible for each sector, in order to save your stronger team for later.

  • Bring a team with balanced elements to each sector. Even if you fight vs 5 mech on the first battle, you should bring an energy hero. Second battle of the sector could feature strong bio-enemies

  • Be smart, and take down always the biggest threat. Sometimes it will be a hard hitting enemy (like Clyde), sometimes it may be a healer.

  • Matador, Gammond (and Heimlock, if you have him), are beasts for this gamemode, since they can tank and keep the whole team alive with their group heals. Upgrade them, if you haven’t already.

  • Don’t worry if you can’t complete the 5 waves. I couldn’t complete them until I had 24 heroes or so, and even then, it was hard and took me a few tries. Don’t give up. Sometimes, doing the exact battle, with the exact same heroes yielded a totally different result (Im talking about 4 heroes alive versus 1 hero alive). Whenever you fail, just try again, and focus the one that gave you the most trouble

And… that would be everything, I guess. If you want more help, you can search me ingame (GTSaiko), and I may have a look at your team, and help you with your strategy in any way I can :slight_smile:

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I usually do the first sector without a healer,
but instead putting one of my top guys in there who can almost single-handedly clear all the stages. But yeah, after sector 1 healers are mandatory.
My healers for sector 2 - 5 are usually (in this order) Matador, Moss, Gammond, Heimlock.

Thanks everyone for the tips, after leveling up some more guys I can just about make it through to (and win) Sector 5.

I hope the next reset does NOT spike the power level again.

I think what was causing me alot of issues was that I didn’t have many heroes between the 1600-2000 range. I had lots of 1200-1500 then a big gap to 2000+ which were my top guys (Heckler Heimlock Dogface Gammond Mandrake and Fortress). I’ve got more of them now between all the ranges and I hope this works for me.

Will try this out over the next few days and report back if I need more help.

@Markus : thanks for chiming in, really appreciate the help!

I remember the day struggling to find to use so i could clear out the gauntlet. Good news it does get alot easier. You will be like i wish they had more stages, i got so many unused guys. Each time you do it you get different opponents so you just gotta hang in there till you get stronger.

Gauntlet is tediously repetitive once you get your groove. I think at your level you can expect not to finish the 5 zones. Once you get 30 toons or so + reach levels 60-70s, it becomes easier. Don’t fret too much about the computation. Just make sure you have a strong enough 5 toons for each zone.

Here’s my usual team: 2 DPS, 2 Healer, 1 tank with balanced elemental distribution

Zone1: Ryker, Sapphyr, Ghoul, Nightingale, Operator
Zone2: Sentry, Chesterfield. Salvatore, Butter, Hardscope
Zone3: Savage, Hivemind, Halo, Clyde, Moss
Zone4: Maven, Razorback, Matador, Fortress, Surge
Zone5: Dogface, Gammond, Mandrake, Keel, Heimlock

It will be fun during your current stage. . but will be mindless as soon as you fill your roster that it should be quickwinnable. So I think just enjoy the journey. =)

Lol, one of my first posts!

Come a long way since then, now 300k power. Wish I could QW Gauntlet.

Hi mate… Please see elements of team in gunlelt before set your team and bring at least one or 2 healers. Always shot opponents healer 1st… Hope it’s help you bro!!