Perfect PvP matching 🤪

Your sandbagging, so don’t know what else you expected to get. :man_shrugging:t2: :wink:


Can u see the opponent plyr pwr

Sandbagging is a tactic which is ‘penalized’ and often results in fights like these. Not to mention that you losing those low-power heroes gives you no bonus, and is a handicap rather than a help.

The best way to remedy it is to build more balanced team comps.


I was also complaining about these kinda match making then, someone told me why this is happening with me… Use heroes with almost same power to avoid unfair match making (it works almost 80%)


But have u ever die with ruby in 70k pwr

Naah bro, I’m still trying my best to avoid dying before my death.
But for pvps… It doesn’t matter… Just playing to check what people got.

Actually, yes, I’ve beaten teams with a single Ruby hero on them.

There’s a greater power difference between a platinum hero and a silver hero, vs. a ruby hero and a platinum hero. The greater the power difference, the more unbalanced and penalized your team gets.

By comparison, running one Ruby hero with 4 other plat-4 heroes isn’t that much of a difference, hence a smaller penalty.


No need for two topics about the same thing. Please check forum rules. Thanks.

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You are running a 26k power 5 bar plat Serial with 6k power gold heroes. That’s a 20k power difference.
Meanwhile your opponent is much closer in hero power with only a 3-4k gap. This is why you are getting matches where the other team has 15-25k power on you, the system sees you are sandbagging and is penalizing you.


You had it coming. Sandbag again.

When this game goin fix the coop pvp problems. Played 30-35 matches won only single match. I almost destroyed my phone bcoz of this. Fix this ■■■■ or abort pvp coop its hell no matter wht i use i ended up losing

Y’all can say it’s min maxing but some of them are so bad even the exact same suck for matchmaking

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Co-op PVP is a whole nother story. I have noticed some HUGE discrepancies there. I faced the same team as you and they had a 30k power advantage on me and my rando partner. I had 2 ruby heroes at 96, no bars into either and my team mate had two plat heroes with a few bars each. We still won, but only because our skill level was much higher.

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