Matchmaking pvp

Why am I facing 10k higher then me just because I three heroes of 10* and two 9*. What’s wrong with this?

And one question for @Muninn and I am begging you for answer. What’s the reason the matchmaking is not fixed yet. Is been gone on since the start of this game. And when will it be fixed?

Matchmaking problems has been addressed so many times, I know it’s not getting better, specially with punishing balanced team’s instead of min/maxers and Sandbaggers.

And I’m sure they’re aware of it and doing their best to make it right, PvP bad matchmaking is one the problems that make people leave this game, I considered it many times, so we know it, they know it and I’m sure they want to make it better, it’s just not easy as a lot of people might think.


Is been on for so long now and is stressful. A game should not be stressful. And I can’t understand how come on 80k+ the matchmaking is so bad. Once I use a 79k the matchmaking gets better. If I use and 82-85k team I face teams 92-95k team. 10k more is like having a plus 7-8* hero.

It’s pretty bad when you’re faced with a team with 10k more power

But in your photo your being punished for your maxed 10s 4 STRIPE plat. Then sandbagging your scum in there. This is prime example of what they are doing to people who are sandbagging. Looks like match making is working fine in your photo.

In this case is working but matchmaking is horrible and everyone knows. I do face teams that have 25k more power then my team and I still win. Basically matchmaking is still horrible

I don’t think you understand what sandbagging is. Sandbagging is when you have 10* plat 4 hero and the rest are all really low heros. The fact I have one lower hero in there isn’t sandbagging



That’s crazy. For having a balanced team. :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

Terrible matchup, for sure. 30k power differential in favour of the unbalanced team.

By the way I noticed that this screenshot must have been from the Siren PVP tournament but that ended some time ago so maybe they have tweaked the matchmaking algorithm since then.

Also, it seems odd that you got 20 PVP gems? No one from the opposing side died and as far as I know, you don’t get any PVP gems even if you killed one of their heroes during the game but that hero got revived.