Personalizing Hero Suggestion

Yooo guys.

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A new day for another suggestion.

Dear @Developers,

Can you create some gameplay where we, players, can create our own hero, a hero whose unique to other players with also some unique skill combinations.

A custom hero, perhaps. Where we can have our own head (hair style hair color, eyes, facial expression, etc.), body (muscle build up, armor, suit, etc), lower body, overall height, gender, gun type and ammo, faction, deploy position, element, and the most important of all, the Skill Combination (from bronze to platinum).

Imagine, fighting other players which has their own unique hero and yet you don’t know what that hero does. This may be a great challenging to all players. Trembling on what that unknown hero can do.

Of course, each player can only create 1 custom hero just to be fair to all. And also you can only unlock this custom hero if you have achieved the given condition (like unlock 30 heroes, unlock district 10, win 300 pvp, or use 1500 golds)

as for the portrait, i recommend use a question mark with a silhouette of a man to indicate that this hero is a customized hero.

and as for the skill combination, display some skill choices like 20-30 skill type for each bronze, silver, gold and platinum. (skills used on the current available heroes can be applicable for this with same description)

Note: This is a one-time customization. So create your best hero wisely.

What do you think guys? @Skathi @Muninn @LordNikon


Great idea for an entirely different game! Not feasible in the current game, unfortunately.


just one hero… its like giving the players a chance to create their own hero in their own way… Just give them some designs parts and its up to them how they will combine it, imagining every player has their own unique hero which gives advantage to others who dont have that kind of hero… its like, one unique hero per player. heheheh

Is it just me, or did you just repeat the same thing 3 times? :joy:


because this hero means being unique… hahahaha

giphy (3)


Mate how many times do we have to say this, this kind of stuff isn’t avaible and your copying something that has been suggested so many times

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