New Challenging PVP Idea

Guys, I have came up an idea on pvp.

This is a kind of pvp where still both players form a 5-hero team, but the thing is, there is this 6th hero, this 6th hero can be anyone. he/she stays at the topmost or most behind of the team.

Here’s the twist, this 6th hero cant be killed, cant be shot, and of course this hero cannot shot too, but this hero uses one of his/her skill, either his/her bronze or silver. He/She can either give shield, do damage, heal someone or put some mines in the battlefield. and also all these heroes’ skills has all the same buff time just to be fair.

Note: the 6th hero will be automatically selected, like instead of auto selecting map, auto selecting 6th hero is made.

Just somewhat like a challenge to all of us that what if there is someone helping yet cant be killed. hehehe :sweat_smile:

Both team has this 6th hero and both team has the same 6th hero.

What do you think of this guys? is it a good or bad idea? Just to know your sides about this… heheh

I’d rather just see a 6th hero in the squad, you’d have so much possibilities to synergy new teams

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This is a great idea if you want every match to last 3 Minutes end and with one or at most two kills. Just take a Meta team with an unkillable Moss and the chances two lose more than one hero are just above zero.

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@Kraterios i just thought of this kind of pvp. this would be a challenging match because there is this 6th hero… this hero might be a help for you, but this can also be your nuisance as your enemy. so how will you manage to win if there is this 6th hero that cant be killed? yes, he/she can use his/her own skill but only one skill. if the 6th hero is caine for instance which uses counter-measure then you have caine also, would that be a good advantage to you? just a thought though. and also this 6th hero is random so you cant predict who is the 6th hero.

@WalleWu for me, moss cannot be included as 6th hero, because of his ability, i think this 6th hero is chosen to a specific hero only, like there are only 5-10 heroes that is applicable to be the 6th hero. for instance this heroes cant be the 6th hero: dogface which his skill can only help himself; wesson which is destructive and will become unfair, moss’ and operator’s healing since they cant be killed so their healing cant be stopped… it will just ruin the game, making the both teams difficult to win, shall we say, it might end up being tied always.

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