Make heroes more alive

Please add more features to heroes

And make it updatable

Like currently we have stars / gears /ability

The characters can be more lively more separetable from each other (its a nice move to add skins in the upcoming update )
But skins describe each player of the game not the hero itself

You separate heroes by factions and elements
But the heroes can have more distinctive characteristics

-Like agilety and speed (how fast the hero between changing covers )

-Reload speed
the armor update separetly

-shooting rate

And alot more

And each hero can have his own distinctive set of weapons that he can use and update

Alot more ideas comes to minds

The main idea is the game depends on repeatitve game play
Make the game / heroes/ game play experiance uniqe in its own way and the player will not feel the repeating in the game

Make players concerned in there own heroes and how to make them uniqe

Ideas that need alot of work and alot of planing
But put it in your concederation

Note: remove that smile from cain face
all the hype vanishes when he smile make it a grin

I think most of your suggestions are already in place. The heroes are all very distinct from one another. They all have differences that make them viable in different situations. Providing in-depth hero modification would be cool and will probably come later down the track but will make the game pretty complex.


More complicated more awesomeness :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: