Phantasma and Elixir

*What if phantasma had a slingshot rifle?
*Is Elixir a real lizard?If the syringe launcher was real,would it be deadly or not?

*idk, but what about a slingshot that fires rifles?
*According to his description, Elixr was a human who got turned to a lizard after the events of Terraventa in their world (kinda like with Pariah after zero day). As for his weapon, as long as the needles are long and sharp, it could work. Or if the glass isn’t strong enough, and whatever is inside is toxic enough, glass shards and evil potions are also pretty bad. Or it could pierce the body and have some mechanic in the syringes that releases a toxin in the body dealing damage. So short answer: yes

Oooh ok thanks for the informations about them

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