New hero Concept: Lizard - Mutant Reptilian

Element: Biochem
Faction: Bandits
Position: Midline

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 4/5

I was a normal kid… then those bastards kidnapped all of us.
They changed us mentally and physically, many of us died, others became mindless monsters.
me and a bunch of us got away, but they didn’t chase us… like they predicted it.
Every day that passes… I mute, I transform, I become stronger… but I lose more and more my humanity.
I didn’t ask to be created.

DoT - Poisoner - Mutant - Assailant - Sorrowed Soul
What happens when you combine human and reptile DNA and irradiate it with Heronium?
A biologically enhanced anthropomorphic mutant lizard.
Oh, and it’s also extremely poisonous.

Bronze: Poisonous Bite - attacks the target by biting him causing X damage and releasing a poison that will cause slight X damage in time until the end of the game.

  • Attacking the same target will increase poison damage.

Silver: Mucus - Spit a large ball of poisonous mucus at the target poisoning him causing X damage over time for 20sec.

  • If the target already suffered from [Poisonous Bite], the damage from the poison will increase by 50%.
  • The mucus ball can hit multiple targets if they are close enough.

Gold: Infectious - the hero’s poison can infect enemies when the target, changing position, makes contact with his allies or they approach him.

  • Infected enemies can accumulate damage from the poison if they are hit by skills

Platinum: Reptilian - the hero becomes immune to the negative effects caused by enemies of the same element.
Plus he unlock new extra power-ups as the skill level increases.
[Carapace] Increases the hero’s armor by X. (unlockable at level 50)
[Respler] Increases the damage and bite power by X. (unlockable at level 75)
[Chameleon] when not targeted, the hero becomes invisible by increasing the damage of the next use of a skill (unlockable at level 100)

Appearance: it is an anthropomorphic lizard with forest green scales that fade to sand yellow, in addition it also has black-yellow-blue circles scattered throughout the body.
for the results of the mutation all his teeth are sharp, he has only 4 fingers in his hands with long black claws, his feet have only 3 fingers and also with claws, from his elbows come out black bone spikes and a long crest of bone.
he wears a suit that leaves him uncovered on his belly, legs and arms.
He has a leather and metal armour, decorated with spikes covering the chest, shoulders, forearms and legs.
He also wears a pair of fingerless gloves and shoes that leave his fingers uncovered.

more reptilian than that, I can’t describe it.

His Weapon: “Cobra” is a small machine pistol.
It has a high rate of fire, low damage and low accuracy.
The gun has a double magazine and this allows it to have 2 reloads, one fast and one a little slower.
cobra colored
shooting rate : 9.90
ammunition capacity : 18
recharge time : 0.7 sec / 1.4 sec second one
damage : Low