Play Friday until Sunday cause exam

I get the feeling this post shouldnt be a thing

Yeah @GTSaikoI’m shoukd l can do it

We’re just hoping he can do it

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How did your exams go pal?


Great tommorow third exam

Good luck daniel with your exams

Daaaamn Daniel, back at it again with the exams!



Sup everybody third exam is over tommmorw fourth exam

OK guys this third exam is finished tommorow fourth exam

Thanks u @Bruticus_One

I want details - when do you find out your results?? Are they big exams??

OK explain in exam must be 60 look every begging to the end (must be 60)
Geography= 70
Social scienxe=70
Economy =63

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Nice good work mate keep it up!

OK thank my friend @Kraterios

Oh no, does that mean you failed ENGLISH? That sucks as your English is obviously ace to the mace!

Yeah engslih is very hard is listening

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Good luck playing 24/7 from friday to sunday without spending money. That’s the real challenge. Jk, good luck with the exam and the game.

OK thanks @Mossy087 that what be fine

Any more updates on your exams Dan??

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I think you should stop trying to make fun of someone because he can’t speak a language as good as a native, to be honest.

I bet you can’t speak every single language, and nobody is trying to make fun of you for it

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