It is November!

No events calendar yet though :frowning:

BTW if it is not too much to ask… give us back elemental brawls or more faction brawls, I would hate to see more PVP Drafts… zzzzzzz


it is still october 31 for most. a calendar would most likely appear in the next week.

It would not be gamebreaking or that big of an effort to publish it two or three day in advance…

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Any danger of a calendar hh?

The end is near, the days don’t matter anymore. Everyone run for the hills!

(But bring your smartphone with you just in case HHG releases the November events calendar)

Actually the end might be near! On Facebook they posted a November wallpaper calendar (not event calendar) but it only shows 28 days of November. So I guess November 28th is the end of times.

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It is bro, because that is my wedding day :joy:



Hmmm I need 20 characters so… congrats again!

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Congrats Doped!!!

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Thanks guys! And 4th December I emigrate to Vietnam! I hope I can still play overt here.

I hope you can, always nice to have a friendly face around