Small Announcement

Hello Hunters!

It is with great regret that we need to inform you that two events that were supposed to start later today will be delayed.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, outside of DECA’s control, the events mentioned below will have to be moved with one day, to tomorrow, January 13th. The events are the following:

  • Alliance Hero Fragment Blitz!
  • “Beached” Extreme Solo Raid!

These events will still end on the previously mentioned date, January 16th.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and are extremely grateful for the understanding and patience you’ve shown!

For any possible further changes on this matter, please keep an eye on the comment section of this post.

-Your Hero Hunters Team


It’s good to inform in advance.


It’s just one day, not that bad imo. But is it possible to extend the end date by one day? Thanks for letting us know❤️

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Roger that

Thank you for the heads up. Have a great 2023 DECA.

Hey guys, thank you so much for the replies and your understanding!
We really wish we could have informed you even earlier, but the truth is, nothing was certain even for us until then. As for the events, the team investigated if it would be possible to extend the events by 1 day as well, but sadly it turned out it won’t be possible.

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This isn’t just one day – DECA stole fragments from EVERYONE PLAYER because Extreme Raids give you resets everyday. Less days = Less fragments. After whole year DECA still don’t have skill to atleast run this game in time. «Oops! Update is lating», «Oops! We have bugs and broken events after update », etc. One-two times itsy really okay, but not during whole year. This is call incompetence.

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“Stole frags” is one way to say it, like jeez cut them some slack for giving you that event in the first place. You remind of the kid who gets a popsicle and complains it’s too small. Like man they gave you this amazing update, and a wonderful new hero and a mythic with 50% more hp, it’s sooooo unfair…

I see only one kid there. Kid, who forgot everything after he got lollypop and ready close eyes on real situation… Updating of game this is their work, lol. Not present. They got money from that. Surprise.


This game would be long gone and dead without deca, we need master roland to come show you how amazing deca is. Praise deca, for they do no wrong…

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Lol you are again so wrong for all i know. The raid was available the moment the update dropped. Which meant that it was only delayed by a couple hours. You get plenty of tries to get fragments


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