Player and Alliance Exchange >>> Improve filters for Alliance Search and Player Search:

There should be a platform where searching alliances enter requirements such as team strength and player level, as well as whether it is an international or national alliance. In the case of a national alliance, the country or language should also be entered. Here players who are looking for an alliance should find the appropriate alliances via parameters. In the same way, players who are looking for an alliance should be able to enter data like their player level, strength and desired platform internationally or nationally. At the moment we simply can’t find a player who is searching himself and fits to our alliance. Something like a partner exchange is missing. The search via the chat is tedious and annoying too - even for the chat participants who are not interested at all, and you have to advertise again and again at certain intervals.


A better Alliance system would be great. The leader should be able to enter which country the allaince is based or if it is international, as well as the rquired team power. Team level isn´t needed, since it says nothing about the players strength.
The searching player should enter if he is searching a international, or whatever langusage speaking ally. He should be shown the fiiting alliances then.
I don´t know if this is possible, but to enter the bounty damage would be great for leaders, because it is a criteria for most of the top alliances. The amount would be automatical be compared with the damage the player did in the last bounty and only fitting alliances would be shown.

SInce this all would take some time to programm, it would be great to change condition from team level to team power, because that is much better strength indicator and would prevent low power guys to spam top alliances.

A bit annoying is, that if you have not decided to let someone join or denyed him, you always have a red dot, like you recived a new massage in the allanice chat. There already is an indicator for the non processed requessed. We don´t need another one. I always check fpr new massages if I notice it.


I agree completely. I’m kinda surprised that this issue isn’t really talked about, and that it hasn’t already been addressed since like, the beginning of the game

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For the search for alliances it should be possible for a searching or change-willing player to filter according to certain parameters:

  • international / national
  • if national then by country
  • alliance strength
  • Minimum Alliance requirements for level and team strength

When searching for players, the Alliance should be able to filter by certain parameters which player may be suitable for you! Only players who are registered on the search platform should be displayed.

  • Team strength
  • level
  • Bounty contribution from the last 3 Bounry- Events
  • Nationality/ Language

As a searching alliance it should then be possible to define minimum requirements for membership:

  • Level
  • team strength
  • Nationality /
  • Language

That could be great I am commander of my alliance so i always need to find players

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Thanks for your “like”. I am also commander and the search is very difficult. I also don’t want to simply poach players and so there is only the possibility to abuse the chat permanently. This will surely annoy other players and you will even be blocked. It gets harder and harder at a certain team strength.

Thanks for your “like” and your comment!

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