Please install Alliance / Player- Exchanges

We finally need support from the developers. The only way to search for players for your alliance is to place an ad in the global or VIP chat. Even players looking for an alliance will be left alone. If we transfer on the principle of a partner exchange, that would be a drastic improvement for all commanders and alliance-seeking players. The whole thing could be controlled via filters.
As a player I want to know:

  • Do I have to play every day?
  • is there a minimum contribution to the bounty?
  • do I have to have a minimum team strength?
  • do I have to have a minimum level?
  • are there other points that are important?

As a commander I want to define the rules and requirements so that players who join know what is important:

  • minimum contribution in the bounty
  • Coops only within the alliance
  • participation in chat communication
  • play activity every day or other intervals
  • exclusion from x days offline
  • alliance language
  • required team strength
  • required minimum level
  • minimum fee bounty hunt when entering Bounty

If you install these filters in such a way that a program could evaluate player possibilities with alliance requirements, the program could establish the contact, so that you could then directly exchange whether it works or not.


Overall the Ideas pretty good. The only thing I disagree with are the Co-op things. I understand why an alliance might want to keep alliances in the house, but completely limiting a player from playing co-op raids with others is too limiting. Also what is the “fee” to enter bounty? Other than that it sounds great!

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Tank you for your answer.

If the Coop within the alliance proves you have a win/win situation. If I can’t find a partner in exchange I donate the town hall or dojo to the alliance. This usually balances out and advances the alliance. I agree with you that there is no exclusion for those who do not adhere to it. But to exchange externally and accept donations internally from those who can’t find an exchange partner I don’t like either.

Short explanation about Bounty.
There are players who only play Bounty 1 time and then pick up the complete rewards. This is uncooperative towards the other players who have invested time. That was already there in my alliance. For this reason we have a minimum contribution of 300Mio (in our alliance). There are some 2M billion - but who brings at least the 300Mio has reached the goal and it is not nagged.

First of all, yes there should be some more options to filter the requsts. Team strength is the one point they really need to add.
BUT, for most of your listet things, you could just use the chat or write it down in the alliance description.

Thank you very much for your message. First the question: Are you a commander, a deputy or an officer?

Of course I know that you can use the chat and I do. As a German-speaking player with a German alliance, I only read German-language messages in Global Chat - for whatever reason. How does the German player in an international alliance know that I am looking for a new member and that he would fit exactly to it? Even if he is looking for an alliance himself. Meeting in chat before requests disappear is rare. In addition, the chat members are annoyed when you make permanent advertisements. The limitation in the alliance profile is also clear - so do I as a commander. The chat is ok and also works. On low levels this is certainly not such a big problem. But the higher the levels, the worse it gets. We are completely at 75 with alliance strength over 10Mio. When we are looking for a new player it sometimes takes a long time and as commander I don’t do it full-time. I know from a lot of commanders that they have problems to keep the 25 players and also consider the system in this game miserable. They hope like me that finally something comes from the support. That dissolves excellent alliances and players don’t play any further. I think it should be in Hothead’s own interest to program a switching platform here.
Opinions can and may differ, I respect that and thank you for yours.

Why we only got the german “global” chat is something I do not get either, because information is often posted in the english speaking global chat by the devs, so not avaliable for us. But that is different topic.

Deputy it is, so I know the trouble of finding new members that fit in. Accountwise and by the personality.

As I said before, the system is not good and needs some rework, but you demand to much, of which much, in my opinion is not useful, at least not in the way you suggest.
What would really solve most of the problems would be a search function for an ally, where the searching one can search for requirements and not just names. Every alliance with an open spot, which is fitting his conditions should be found. And he should only be able to apply if he meets the conditions too.
Conditions that should be there are account level, team strength and location, because they can be recognized by the game on its own and it can use them fo filter the alliances.
All the rest are no objectiv requirements. Just because he sais, that he or she can do 1.5B in bounty, it does not necessarily mean he really can do it. So for that stuff there should be some kind of free text field, since everyone puts their priorities different and you can not catch it all with settled options.

As a short term solution you may should advertise yourself here in the forum. Since you are not that bad of an alliance, escpecially for beeing german only, you should get some requests, at least more and more useful ones than by advertising in the chat.

Thank you for your comments! I would like to start a discussion and have only wanted to make suggestions myself. A player today can’t even filter and tell the system “show me all German alliances from minimum level 70”. I hope that more people will join this discussion and make suggestions.

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