Player with bad luck should never play mauler

My component made the first critical strike, my plat Caine is just like a shit here.

Me need comfort, T, T.

I can beat your opponent team with team that you are using, also with Panzer team, with Odachi team and of course with Ronin team.

Its not bad luck, Its about skill.

Playing against Mauler bad luck can really play its part. If you get stuned within the first 3 seconds that gives the opponent a big advantage. But you can still win it for sure.

9* drake played a part, too. At 9-10* he becomes real dps. Bet if you click into stats his damage bar is as tall as or taller than halo or mauler.

Luck plays a HUGE part in this game. Most skills have a pretty high chance to miss and do nothing (or be significantly less potent). Clyde, Mauler, Mandrake, etc. are just a few heroes like this. If it’s a close match and your opponent’s Mandrake gets a stun on a prime target with Tomahawk, for example, it can be the end of a match real quick.

Then you also have to factor in luck with the AI. Sometimes they will be assisting machines and all will actually go for the main target you are on. Other times they will go full on tard mode and each pick their own target, barely making a dent in anyone’s health.

Going even beyond that is the match making system and getting faced vs teams several thousand points higher or lower than you, and who also have an elemental or team advantage/disadvantage. Add all of these things together and it can really help sway the outcome of a battle.

Of course skill can help curb things too, but if it’s a nail biter of a match and your opponent gets luckier than you, it’s always going to end up in a loss.