Ha rd mission 11-9

Who’s the best hero’s to use on the map. I keep getting slaughtered no matter what I do

Mauler because his viper strike does % dps…

Mauler’s skill doesn’t work against bosses and elites. I tried this and support said this to me when I asked why it wasn’t working. Same goes for Fischer.

You’re absolutely right… I just ran same team I ran when I beat it first time and got crushed. That’s a new change… I’ve heat all the levels hard and easy. But can’t beat that one now.

Gotta go super tanks with 2-3 high DPS and 2-3 healers. Then pray. I’ve yet to kill even a single Helios. Hopefully, my recent leveling gets me through it

The change to percentage-based abilities was recent so that’s why Fischer and Mauler aren’t easy wins anymore unfortunately.

I used Dogface 10*, Gammond 10*, Mandrake 10*, Razor 9*, Caine 8* - All plat0.

I’ve beaten 11-9 (once) and 11-10 but I still can’t 3-star either one. Or even win, most times. Maybe when I get gale her tenth star, caine his eighth, and plat razor.

Also Mauler should still be useful for his multiple disorient, unless the 50% miss chance doesn’t affect the gorram missiles. Does silence stop/delay them? Maybe Min/Anvil/Chesterfield backing some hot dps. Except mine are too small, especially chester.