Please assist - Kurtz not working as intended?

Hello all. I’m an avid pvp’er, oftentimes using all of my lives almost every reset. I obtained Kurtz on day 1 and this has been a journey due to his silver not working as intended. A reset pledged to fix some things and thankfully, he’s not broken to the point of shutting down a match. HOWEVER, after extensive amounts of testing and PVP matches (hundreds of PVP matches at this point), Kurtz really seems like a jackpot or a lottery character. I’ve deduced that his Execute only works properly 1/4th of the time. This is why:

  1. Sometimes, Kurtz’ execute doesn’t do anything. Anything at all. And now one must wait for cooldown. This has cost me many matches already.

  2. Kills another enemy other than the stunned target. This happens occasionally and it’s frustrating.

  3. Kills an ally despite target. I mean, I love the AOE burn-DOT, but come on!!!

  4. It actually kills target. Now when it does this, I actually jump for joy because it seems so rare that it actually touches down.

Now, before anyone complains about dying to him, he can’t do anything if he’s dead, similar to Panzer. Secondly, adapt.

For those of us who have Kurtz, have you also seen these problems? It’s like a crapshoot, you never know what he’s gonna do, lol…is this intended, developers??? @Muninn

Thank you for your time. Raz, out.

I’ve been trying to repro this on my account, but seems to be working.
Remember he won’t execute enemies that are bosses like Bounties, or the Hero units in the raids, if you try to execute one of those it will kill an ally instead, cuz he’s going to kill someone, he doesn’t care who.

But in PVP it should be working and seems to be. I’ll keep playing.

As far as I played with Kurtz, These options happens a lot in PvP.

In PVP, it’s not working with only a 1/4 chance of the scenarios I explained above. It’s a lottery ticket. :confused:

I don’t use him in bounty or against bosses and the like due to his restrictions.

So you’re seeing it too!!! Okay, whew. So Execute is almost fixed…? A 1/4 chance though is really bad odds tho, especially when he offers nothing else (his shots miss a lot and his hp is dismal). I seriously am having this issue quite constantly enough to write a topic of it. In the beginning of the reset, he worked 100%.

I’ve also noticed that when playing as Kurtz the options Raz mentioned happens at times it’s weird An annonying when it does happen since usually he kills one of ur team mates that has more health then opponnet that was stunned

Ive been having the same problem. His execute does not always work.

if you can’t win with kurtz you suck at life bro

So after all this time, Kurtz Silver still bugged, it works properly 1 out of 5 tries
Problems with his Silver:

  • It doesn’t work at all
  • It works but kills ally instead of stunned enemy by Dominate

I can confirm.

I was in the middle of a heated pvp battle against Ronin+Kurtz team, suddenly kurtz dominated one of my team, but Kurtz instead killed Ronin.

If anyone can screen record this happening for us that would be baller.

here :
you can see Dominate effect on Dogface even after Execute kills my Flatline.

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Thanks! This will help us dig into it.

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Amazing, thank you so much Nikon! I’d say it’s a 1/4 or 1/5 chance of it actually working properly. And for SOME reason, it works more when Hive is around. I dunno if it’s just a placebo effect of his drones, but it’s almost like Kurtz performs at a better rate.

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