Kurtz’ execute skill

you guys need to fix that skill, when an enemy is affected by dominate it doesn’t work. like at all.

Do you have a video of it?

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It’s so buggy, has been since day one. I’m shocked when it actually lands lol

Hi, I understand you can release new and good heroes, but Kurtz is the most unfair match you can find, I use a lot of good heroes and sometimes you win, or sometimes you lose, but kurtz can kill all the heroes even with more power in a blink, and the healh is way more than Kuno or Dogface, besides that the othe ability stuns you for 25 seconds? that means you are already dead before you start, you should make Kurtz only find other Kurtz on PvP.

That is a warranted victory for those who have Kurtz, but that way the game loses purpose, it just doesn´t make sense, you give all to one only hero, and only a few will be winning, but I will leave this game because of that kind of things, you mess up, and we have to wait to another MONTHLY UPDATE and see if you MAYBE FIX IT…

This might be a time to go over a few things that everyone can benefit from, generally:

When you encounter an issue in the game, depending on the nature of the issue, we may or may not be able to identify the issue right away when you write in a support ticket. If you post on the forum about an issue, 99% of the time, we can’t solve it without more info.

So, you write in a ticket. You say “Kurtz’ Execute doesn’t work, you’re all money hungry, watch, everyone will leave in droves.” This happens more often than you might think.

Now, contrary to what players ask us to do most of the time, we can’t “check the server and see what happened” and put out an instant fix. There isn’t a magic button we press that simulates the match where we can do Tony Stark-style digital imaging to see where a problem occurred. That’s firmly in the realm of fantasy.

The next step is to reproduce the issue ourselves. That allows us to see exactly what’s happening. We’re going to ask you questions so we can get there. These are absolutely 100% necessary. Yet about 90% of the time, players don’t answer them. They get angry at the support agents trying to help them, and think they’re being challenged or called a liar.

Again, happens more often than you might think.

If we can’t reproduce an issue, sometimes the logs can turn up a solution. For that, we need to know where to look. Each Hero Hunter player, after a few months of playing, generates enough log events to choke any animal you can conceive. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it can take months to pour through that data to find the needle in the haystack without more information.

So, we’re going to ask questions. We’re going to ask you for times, dates, what happened right before, what happened after. Things you might not remember, but things we need. We don’t ask these questions for fun, or to troll you. But often, unfortunately, that’s how our help is perceived.

The best thing you can do is try to remember the details around an issue, send in a ticket, answer politely (that means don’t swear, yell, threaten to quit, rant, etc.) and understand that what you’re reporting may or may not be something that can be solved with the Magic Button.


@Muninn You should copy this exact message and post it on the front of the forums, make sure everyone and their mothers see it :stuck_out_tongue:


This is an unbelievably awesome message and should be copy pasted everywhere lol. I do know how to replicate the Kurtz issue more times than not: Stun the enemy. Attempt to execute said enemy. It’s hit or miss. Sometimes it works every time. Sometimes, I go matches where it doesn’t work at all. Sometimes it works once but not again in the same match or vice versa. However, Execute alone and without a stun is usually 90% effective and kills one of my teammates. So there’s something going on with it having a difficult time Executing the Stunned target. And a missed Execute is usually a death knell if I can’t recover over the time it takes to try again.


hahaha, the skill isn’t like Sex Panther


You should read what I said above! I think you may have missed it.

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The truth is that Kurtz is an unfair hero, and as other said, you should ask on the community chats, when we play against Kurtz without Kurtz it is really unfair, Kurtz just kill all the enemies with his abilities, with no chances, is worse than panzer at that time when in 2 shots killed the energetics, Kurtz should be nerfed, and I think this is insane, 25 seconds stuned and other abilitie that kills everyone in a few seconds, just makes pvp bored and we don´t play to be bored.

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Become a better player so you can kill Kurtz before he pops anything off.


Believe me I am a better player, I guess maybe even than you. But that is not the matter, I still believe the hero has too much advantage.


Kurtz being OP discussed so many times.
You should check this topic to realize how much we talked about Kurtz OP skill’s.

This thread is not about nerfing him. It’s about fixing his issues.
And Kurtz is so beatable at the moment, his skills doesn’t work properly and he doesn’t have anything else beside his skills, when his skills are broken and not working, then you are facing an easy team.

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That’s usually what I do, since if you kill anyone else besides Kurtz first you pretty much are guaranteed to lose. The problem is when you team him up with Flatline, Ifrit, or both. Then you can kill him and as soon as he pops back he will use his abilities and kill your entire team. You basically have to take out 3 heroes in a very short amount of time to prevent this.

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Kurtz is unfair, I did kill him a couple of times, but the main problem is than his ability kills everyone, and the other ability stuns you for 20 seconds, that is too much, the new hero just stuns for 8 seconds and that is enough.

They nerfed Ronin because he reflected 200%, they should nerf kurtz with this, is the same issue, TOO MUCH dealing damage and TOO MUCH stunning.

He’s the main Bad Guy. He is supposed to be strong. Kill him first though and you won’t have a problem.


I have killed him, sometimes, and I am really good. I mean it is as Ronin, Panzer, and others, even Siren has a good damage but Kurtz is too overpowered…

When I see him in PvP, I go after him first. If I can’t kill him in 15 seconds, I take it as a loss lol

All the below comments have said they have killed him and lost to him, this means he is balanced. It is no different from someone building a meta team around another high dps toon like ronin, odachi or kuno all of which can kill you just as quick if not quicker then a kurtz team can.

Still, he is overpowered, I understand he is the final boss, but he shouldn´t be on the pvp then, and nerf the others is not fair, they nerfed panzer, now they should nerf kurtz too.

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