Please fix this!

I usually don’t post anything but enough is enough.

  1. Fix insta death! It’s like thank you for participating.

  2. View goes 360° everytime when I swap heroes or upon death. Super annoying when happens during bounty.

  3. Auto AI just hides behind cover, shoots once then Oh sorry if I hit ya! I’m not moving anymore! Kill me know.


  5. Currency/Frags state are worse, so no point going over it because it has been said already and that’s why Loyal and top players are gone.

ATLEAST FIX N°1, 2 & 3. Make it PLAYABLE!


Whew, lots to unpack here.

  1. What are you talking about? Insta death?
  2. This is a mild inconvenience at worst and 360 degrees is a huge exaggeration.
  3. AI has it’s issues I guess, but with the difficulty of programming strategic intelligence, I’d say they do pretty well. Mostly with my squad AI, what I want is survivability and not dps, so what you’ve mentioned is actually a plus.
  4. I tend to be very critical in my comments about the game, but this doesn’t even make sense to me. The heroes that have come out recently have been awesome and very well thought-out.
  5. Sure, we’re short on cash, but frags? What’s the issue there? Are you talking about frags for new heroes?

All-in-all, I give this post a 2/10 for contribution value and a 4/10 on clarity.


I can relate to issue #2 .When my piloted hero is going to die, I press and attempt to choose the next hero I want but for some reason the game chooses the next hero in line. That’s my only complaint

Use heroes that destroy Shields and prevent healing.

Somehow relevant to number 2 is a bug with some tank heroes, specially Mandrake (about relocation skill).
Sometimes the front angle 270° is locked in rear view. Meaning your are paralyzed to shoot enemies but allies unless you roll over.
Its damn annoying.
Lemme know if anyone else has same issue with thanks.

I get the messed up view every now and then but for me it’s usually if some weird interaction happens (jumping at a guy who is moving, guy stunned behind the team, etc.)

Prevent healing heroes are a way, but looking at heroes that can pull that off, you’re better off taking high dps heroes instead,

Also, the only hero that has the capability to end a shield fast is Anvil, but he himself is not that great in PvP.

Decent heroes are being created. Yeager was a new hero and he is decent, just low on health and lacks surviving skills

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