Leveling up skins

Was just wondering if its possible for devs to let nanodust be used to level up skins as well. Or maybe we can be convert nanodust to skin tokens on future updates

Yeah what happened to this claim that there would be more skin tokens in events after that big skin update giving more skins to every hero, alliance gems and heronium are too expensive to be wasted on skin tokens.


Im sure there are lot of players with sitting nanodust and nowhere to spend. Hope devs will allow us to convert certain amount of nanodust to skin tokens. Just like how we convert gears for war coins

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Yup totally agree, i have like 10k

I have 0 skin rokens and 100 nanodust so I would love to see more ways to get skin tokens

Hope DEVS hear us out and make it happen.

Skin tokens can be bought in the alliance store and the heronium store, they’re not hard to come by.

It’s 900 Alliance Gems for 25 Skin Tokens. The Heronium store is a little better costing 375 Heronium for 25 tokens, but you need maxed heroes before you get this which is difficult for people who haven’t played a long while.

That means it would cost 125 skin tokens to level up a skin to level 3. That is 4500 Alliance Gems or 1,875 Heronium. That is quite a bit for newer players when there is literally no other way to get them besides the 25 from Bounty.

They use to be available all the time as PVP and event rewards so what gives? We were told there would be more ways to obtain them when all the skins were released a few months ago. I have over 5k with every skin, but I can only imagine the struggle for new players.

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Yeah man, I’ve been playing for thirty nine days level 51
Everything for beginners just keep getting hard
Like in my Alliance, new players give up easily due to Struggle to get any gem.
I just think the beginners in this game doesn’t have a say.