Can't open sub crate

Anyone able to open sub crate open button greyed out?

I was able to is your subscription active?

Yep the funds taken email saying funds taken so dont know why have 2 sub accounts with free crates incase that triggered 3x subs maybe i need to claim don’t know

No trying to sub on linked account just get error message tried repicking my crate but no still open button greyed out

I had the same problem but eventually I could open it.
300 skin tokens - worst possible reward! Lol!

Yeah i got 60 skin tokens of Hardscope uggh I canceled this subscription so when the month runs out good buy to this waste of money 240 dollars a year no way.

60 nightingale frags I finally got once able to open yepp if nexy few rewards dont improve ill be cancelling and waiting for reward i want in a special etc

I really don’t blame you I feel the same I cancelled it going to go through this month if it doesn’t improve no renew for me. For 20 bucks I should be getting something that I can’t easily farm for? I also got 500 gold for the first paid opening.

You picked your own rewards and of course the poorest rewards have the highest % of being drawed; it’s all there right in the game. The % to get some of the top picks are very low so don’t expect your next crate to blow your mind.

Yeah agree didnt expect much more than i got about same as e00 gold crate would get me which over month equal same expense. Withsub crate it a small chance to get lucky. Or save cost a few months and buy special offers when they come, think ill be doing later. Was hoping for more than 1 reward frag some stamina or skill point to make it little more

I cancelled the subscription and started it again, it worked for me

Same issue… Will you get charged again if you cancel and resubmit?

So you just waited and the game allows you to open?

Submitted support 5min later chest was able to open