Please lock tiers on co-op play

I am sick and tired of going into co-op if I can’t get alliance member and getting matched with someone who has no business in that tier. I go into the highest tier I can with my team and I’m matched with somebody who has a team at half the power recommendation for that tier. Basically forcing me to try carrying the whole match on my own. I get trying to challange yourself if your at least within a thousand of the recommended power. But it’s obvious the joker’s are just looking to get carried. And I have no option to drop the match. I have to sit there and try my best or just set it on auto and burn 5 minutes till I can try again. I usually have to give up and go down a notch just to get it done. This is particularly troubling with the dojo. I’m stuck earning one shard at a time when I should be getting two or three.


Just ask in game chat for a carry and you’ll be helped by someone with a high-powered team, don’t use auto-match, especially for dojo.

While yes there are a few decent people in chat that are high enough level to run the endgame a person can ask, I do understand where the TC is coming from.

Having requirements will encourage players to put some effort into building their characters.

I do feel somehow bad for those who use the auto match making looking for carries…