Cancel Coop-Raid

It would be great, if you could choose wether you want to fight with the matched opponent or not.

Its annoying, if you want to do the Dojo-Raid and know beforehand that you cant win, because your partner is to weak. There is no possibillity to stop the Raid. You have to wait untill all Heros are dead, wich takes a few Minutes.
I would suggest a “cancel” button, you can press after the matching. If you dont hit it, the Raid will start after 5 or 10 seconds.

Or, instead of using the Auto-Match feature, you can just ask for a carry in chat and get helped by a player with a team of 8* + heroes.

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I dont need 8*+ HerosI, I dont want someone to carry me through. Mostly I do the 35+ raid. As an partner i need someone with 4-5* level ~45 heros. But often I get matched with Level 35 3-4* star silver Heros, which just dont stand a chance in this raid.

Sure i could ask in chat, but i dont want to wait untill someone is willing and able, it takes the same amount of time then simple trying a few auto matches.

Playing auto-match:

  • 15 seconds waiting for person to match with
  • 3 minutes waiting for game to end due to weak partner
  • Repeat 2 - 3 times (or maybe even more) until you finally get a victory
    • Total Time: 6 – ∞ minutes

Asking in chat:

  • 8 seconds to type out the request
  • 2 seconds to get a response from a person with 7-10* team
  • 3 minutes to finish the map on the first try
    • Total Time: 3 – 4 minutes

I dont know how much activity there is in the US chat, but the german chat is nearly empty, so its much more than 2 seconds for a response.

For German People ask Sakai X i’m German :blush:

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