Prioritizing ruby heroes

At long last I’ve reached level 95. Thought I’d start a tread about ruby heroes, as in the best ones to get to ruby. I made a decision early on to make siren ruby because she’s my fave hero. She’s not great for pvp because she dies quickly, but in campaigns and co-ops she’s great, esp. when combined with halo. So I’d love to hear feedback, esp. from those who have reached level 95, which heroes should be the top priority for upgrading. Feel free to rank them, divide them into categories like overall, damage, tank, support, etc. and give a little rationale behind this (e.g., dominate PCP, co-op, missions, etc.). or tell me which of the heroes I’m looking at should be a priority and if I should really consider another as a top priority

kuno–tossing those knives more frequently seems like would be fun in the correct PVP team
zumi–heard she a beast; seems to drop gorgon in like 3 seconds
serial–best wars hero and I’ve heard and personally witnessed that he can dominate a PVP battle
lancer–great war hero and as above with serial

Mandrake–already a solid force in PVP (even with the painful nerfing he’s had to endure) and extreme missions; being able to take more damage seems like a positive for him
Marianas–can be a challenge in PVP if in the right mix (including halo) and being able to destroy barriers more efficiently plays right into her strength as that gold skill is relentless when enemies are out of cover

Flatline–same as Mandrake plus the ability to dodge won’t hurt
halo–she goes really well with certain other heroes, but does she really need to be a priority?
4-cep–in spite of excessive nerfing, still a one of the best for wars and a force in PVP (I don’t know that he has any other roles in missions or co-ops in which there are better options); but even as ruby, serial melts him in the blink of an eye; maybe lancer, too; does ruby change that? if not, is there any reason to ruby other than total power for wars?
Kurtz–personally not seeing him as priority over any of the above, including 4-cep; anyone with him a ruby think he should be a priority?

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I went with Cep, Lancer, Duran & Siren as my first Ruby heroes. At the moment, I’m working on Kobalt.

I hesitate to work on healers right now because making them ruby doesn’t improve their healing ability; may help with their personal survivability, but healers tend not to be totally squishy/can last a bit, in part because there aren’t a ton of major energy monsters and even for the few who do decent damage, energy goes down quick to a good mech so they can be neutralized

Most people I have talked to and encountered in PVP are going for the damage dealers and high power heroes first. This is Serial, Lancer, Jackal, etc.

Going for heroes with a mix of high power and doing damage at ruby seems to be key. It gives you the most bang for your buck. You have the highest AW teams, they are great in PVP, can beat extreme missions easier, and do more damage to bounties. The healers and tanks don’t seem like they made off quite as well at ruby.

Sapphyr, dps monster and gets rid of those pesky serials :stuck_out_tongue:


Why everyone love purifier and lancer whts so gud about them plz explain anyone

The power bump is useful for Alliance War

Anything else. Bcoz there must be another reasons to use them.

I have Lancer at Ruby and he just pummels everyone! Kurtz, no longer a problem, lancer kills him very quickly. He does the same thing to Cep!
It’s like Lancer is Ceps & Kurtz’s kryptonite!

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I put some thought into what you said, however, I still made Kobalt my 5th Ruby hero. I have Castilian and Shivs at plat+5. I just need the core VI to get plat+6. I have the Ruby gear stockpiled up to make them Ruby a fee seconds after making plat+6.
So my question is this…Which hero between Shivs and Castilian should I make my next Ruby??

Got my first ruby a few days ago (Lancer), and also debating on who to rubify next. Also prioritizing damagers with the “Doing Damage” ruby skill, and thinking it might be a good idea to have one great damager of each element as a starting point. That narrows it down to:


  • Shivs
  • Beck
  • Marlowe
  • Kunoichi
  • Panzer
  • Clyde
  • Ryker
  • Bolt
  • Wesson
  • Jarek
  • Chesterfield
  • Jackal
  • Elite Rifleman :grin:


  • Sapphyr
  • Heckler
  • Siren
  • Ronin
  • Commando
  • Halloway
  • Yeager
  • Fortress
  • Anvil

Currently leaning towards Shivs and Siren for my next upgrades. Yet haven’t met any ruby Shivs in PvP, though, so can’t judge how well she scales compared to the other ones. She’s my fave out of those mechs listed, though.

I would think Kuno would be better at ruby than Shiv, especially considering Kuno’s bronze is much better. Jackal also seems to be doing pretty well and is higher power to boot, so I would go with him, personally.

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If you like playing with Shiv, then just Ruby her. Ruby the character that most fit your play style and build around that.

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