Ruby skills


Was peering through the ruby skills and most of them made sense, at least from a simplified design perspective. Tanked up for Front Liners, Doing Damage for Mid Liners and Supported for Rear Liners. This design choice amplifies what each of the ranges are supposed to be designed for…

…until I got to Hideo and Salvatore…

These midliners are equipped with the Supported Ruby passive. Not certain if this was an oversight or deliberate, but certainly curious.


Shivs is also a frontline therefore should have tanked up but she has doing damages


Damn, good eye, I missed that one.

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To be honest its a weird system, most damage dealers have supported while some that are already to good have damage buffs

You have to realize hideo, 4-cep, and Salvatore already deal an insane amount of damage, this was probably to keep them from being nerfed down the line.


I know exactly why this is. I’ll take a look to see if it was intentional or not. Thanks!

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That’s what I am thinking. However, other DPS heroes seem like they are going to become godly. Odachi, Kuno, and Siren already put out a lot of damage and will be that much better at Ruby.

Kuno doing an extra 7k mech damage on top of Knives being ready 30% faster? Same with Odachi except bio damage and his Assassination? Or Siren with energy damage and faster Siren song? On the other hand Astrix, 4-Cep, and Dog, for example, seem like they will become pretty worthless.

Ruby is going to change a lot of things up. Current top tier damage dealers that get Supported will be crap while other damage dealers that get Doing Damage will become insane. I can see the game totally shifting when more Ruby become available.

Looks like it’s intentional. Thanks!


Thanks Muninn, I appreciate you looking into it :slight_smile:

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I believe it was mentioned that Ruby skills are designed to fill in the ‘gaps’ that a Platinum hero has. Not all dps / aoe heroes have the same gaps, hence why Hideo and Salvatore have different ruby skills.

If that is the case why do Kuno, Odachi, and Siren all have Doing Damage? They already have very high DPS, but their survivability is seriously lacking. They should have gotten supported.

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