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I am at the brink of maxing out one character thanks to the scores at the store. I’m just wondering who is better at ruby. I know I am getting ahead of myself but just out of curiosity, who (other than serial) is good at ruby

i have heard lancer is good

Lancer is a high power score and a beast! Try either him or serial

you can try in duel by urself rather than listening varieties of opinions but, it’s also good to hear experts’ advices… I hope u’ll get non confusing & non variable suggestions.

Serial is number 1 currently, but I would think the new 100th hero will surpass him in power so save 1 MK6 for him. Harbinger, Saph, Kurtz are all good high power and useful options. In order to ruby heroes you will need to reach at least 3-9 in extreme so Kurtz, Mandrake or Hivemind are vital. I have 20 rubies now and honestly some are useless so avoid these:

  1. Pariah
  2. Dreadnaught
  3. Purifier
  4. Silhouette
  5. Marlowe.
  6. Any healers, they are not worth it.

Best Bio DPS: Serial/ Lancer/ Harbinger
Best Mech DPS: Shivs/ Jackal/ Beck
Best Energy DPS: Saph/ Commando/ Kiyoshi/ Siren

Recommended support rubies: Phalanx/ Mandrake (healers are the same at platinum+5/+4

For extreme: Kurtz/ Serial/ Mandrake/ Flatline/ Hivemind


Team Rekt - Mari, Kiyoshi, Krieger & Halo :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

If you want pvp to end in seconds, upgrade these heroes. :sunglasses:

Heckler isn’t mech.
Phalanx is a good choice for ruby, while I’m disappointed in Mandrake.

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I meant Jackal, thanks for the correction

So jackal is viable for ruby

Jackal is one of the best mech dps in the game, but the new 100th hero may change that

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A litlle OOT…

Who is the best cover breaker for rearline and midline hero (which is not rubies yet) ?

Not sure, they are all kinda the same tbh. You can check what heroes do damage to cover by clicking their information page and clicking their weapon

Best midline cover breaker seems to be Phoenix. She’s pretty good at it.

Irezumi is also another good choice. I’ve been using her a lot for the pumpkin hunt.

I c…

Thx u 4 the info…

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