Pris faction isnt Peoples Guard

… so she should not be allowed in next PvP Faction War, right?

It’s KLG vs People’s Guard. Although she isn’t KLG either. She’s KLGBO. There are several errors with the new tournament. Francie and Halo, despite being moved to the People’s Guard, are also not included in the tournament.

It would be great if a dev could hot-fix this, the tournament would be so much better with Francie and Halo.

I almost wonder if that is a typo … and it should be halo instead of pris?

Especially given that she has been recently moved into the peoples guard faction.


yeah that would make sense, cuz how can they have a faction fight and pick heroes outside those factions and take out heroes from those factions simultaneously… again someone’s asleep at the wheel lol

Fixed! Françoise and Halo replaced Pris.

Good PvP (for those who still enjoy it).