PVP faction tournament- Not using event heroes

Hello fellow Hero Hunters,

Just had a suggestion for PVP tournaments when spotlighting new heros and their respected factions. I know not all of us can’t get the new hero right off the bat but I liked to propose a lock-in feature for at least 1 faction event hero to join PVP faction tourney.

It’s kinda of frustrating building that specific faction only to get mowed down by meta based (non faction heroes) I’m probably going to get alot of grievance from my suggestion but want to hear your input on this?


Actually I kind a wish they would do what they did was Cinder. Everybody had to use her whether you had her or not. She just matched your highest hero.


Right!! I remember that. Great idea

I think that it was a fine idea. Not only does it help combat that issue, it also lets me check out and play with the new hero. I liked it cause I could test out skills and work on gameplay with the new hero that I may not have.

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