PVP box finally back to normal

Devs claimed pvp was fixed for diff tiers quite a while back. I did not change tiers (at least for the past few weeks) but my pvp box finally went back to how it was (or some semblance to it) without me doing anything. I did change my pvp tier +1 a few weeks back, but even then for it to make weeks to happen is still definitely an issue if what I’m seeing is a delayed change to my box due to my division change. Me thinks it was the PVP box that my previous division should have gotten regardless of my not-so-recent division promotion and now because of some change (likely the Alliance Wars fix) now that I finally got it.

TLDR: Just glad things finally are back. Def an issue with the system and not simply because I was at “too low a division” to receive back the normal PVP boxes.

What does your pvp crate look like. Got a screen shot also which bracket are you in

Same as the one you posted 9 days ago.

Ah ok in champion right?

The crates are based on your power bracket so maybe you finally crept over to the next one? what is your power bracket currently?

I myself play in the Mystic area and my PVP boxes have also changed. The percentages have remained the same, but the fragments have changed, from 5 to 8. (I was surprised that I got 400 instead of 250 Heronium at a time when I had 5 wins today)


That is false. I’m still in the same bracket and my crate went back to what it was pre update

It’s not false I can redirect you to the devs post about the pvp crate update if you want?

You’re saying the guys crate is better because he’s in a higher bracket. At the end of last night I was in champion bracket and today I am still in champion bracket. But with an updated pvp crate. So it’s not because of going up a bracket. It’s random changes for pvp crates again


Same bracket never moved from champion bracket ever since they’ve made it. More gold and cash drops

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I can only say what I know and have seen, yours may have been wrong to begin with and now you’re in the correct crate for your bracket. The crate 100% scales with your power for example in Mythic at 1.25m+ you get 8 frags and more gold.

My crate has changed atleast 4 different times since recent update. It’s never been consistent

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Maybe open a support ticket about it, they can look at your account data and figure out what is going on

I am sure that the rewards you receive right now are the right ones for your area. I have to correct my upper part, because after clicking on the little “i” I saw that these values ​​have also changed. Before, there were the values ​​25, 40, 60 in gold, now it is 40, 60, 100. At Bucks I can win up to 500k, before that was the highest 250k.

The values ​​are not random, they are, as Gale said, adapted to their strength … the higher their overall strength the better the rewards.


Please see the comments by BM, the top 2 brackets he is referring to are Mythic and Legendary so 1.25m+ and 1.5m+

@tollboothkyle @Checkpoint

I assume this is from Discord? I have no discord and I can not and will not access the information there.


It is from discord yes, you don’t need to access it as I am sharing the news with you here :slight_smile:

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