PVP crate.... Thanks HH

Man I can’t thank y’all enough for fixing that. I seriously feel like my voice was heard, and feel like you guys care. That’s all… thanks HH for making it right, and after you made it right you still gave us 300 gold. Man I cant express how satisfied I am, and not just cuz you fixed it but because you sent a message apologizing and giving me gold. I apologize, the update is great. But one tip of advice, I’m hearing people complain about sandbagging. I play a high power level and don’t have that issue, but it’s what I hear the most from my teammates. A very strong ronin with 4 much weaker heroes. If you can somehow remedy that then you would make a bunch of players experiences improved. That’s all… thanks again HH


I think thats the point of the brackets

They still took out top gold and top cash

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Constructive feedback always helps! It’s good to see someone say something nice about the developers for once, ronin is still a known concern but I will echo what the developers have already said, he is being balanced as best as they can without destroying the nature of the character. His shield is part of his character and who he is but it is also what makes him such trouble. I would suggest Jarek for all those who are strugling to beat ronin teams as he ignores shields and can stunlock for the entire match, have fun :slight_smile:


the problem of pvp crates is still not solved. excellent compensation, but I would have paid based on the open crates… i expect updates. thank you

about ronin. I don’t understand this hatred. it is the fulcrum of autofarming. pump it instead of wanting nerf

Please see the forum post made about the bugs regarding the recent PVP event and changes, the crate has already been reverted back to increase chances of rewards and is still curently under maintence.

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