PvP Brawl: Realism is Coming!

hero hunter at its best

It’s a PVP event so is in the PVP box


Call off the coast guard!!

I’m ready and I already know who I’m gonna use and no its not ORO.

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Let’s get ready to RUUMMMBBBLLEE…(in my best Michael buffer voice):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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It’s a fun and light April fools event. I like it it. Quick wins and losses.


‘Welcome to the desert of the real’

this is definitely a fun event. one suggestion i do have for the next time this event is run is to disable all skills and disable manual pvp.

giphy (3)

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then it’d truly be who is faster and sharper to the draw. when you introduce gold/plat passive skills, it’s not as real life as you make it out to be.

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Me realizing it was real all along:



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While I like the pvp event I don’t like how on some maps your team isn’t even in position yet and already dead. Certain maps your opponent sets first and you have no chance of winning


first do, then think. It reminds me of someone. :smirk:

All you need is one win. No need to over think it

I love this event… :smiley:

Not only we don’t bothered by min-maxer and sandbager, the rewards is kinda cool, too…

To make the even more interesting, maybe in the future the dev can consider an additional reward, maybe for the winner who can get a 3 consecutive 1st rank in a row… :smiley:

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Anyway we can keep this event or add it into the rotation with other events. I don’t care if you change the rewards but this event is more fun then all of the other pvp events.

I agree no more off balance match making, no sandbagging or min maxing back this pvp event is the best.

You guys really out did yourself with ruby bounties, bounty rewards and this pvp event. These things really brought a breath of fresh air to the game. Thank you so much


I do agree that min-maxing is effectively moot in the gamemode, however, team-damaging abilities that Kurtz and Phoenix are definitely the meta.

Maybe having only basic attack damage be the one-shot kill factor, while ability damage affects normally.

But ultimately, maybe consider having this event in the future, but buff up those #1 place awards to spice up the competition.

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This was a successful event. I would like to see more game types like it every now and then. I ranked 4, I wouldn’t mind a gold portrait if you have extra sitting on a developer’s inventory. :laughing: :wink: