Sharpshooters Feedback!


This is a call to all Sharpshooters!

This weekend, we just had our new PVP event: Sharpshooters War. Since this is a new event, we want to see your thoughts about it so we can consider them for the future.

We already noticed some of you expected or would like different heroes to be allowed. What else did you like or dislike about the event? What would you like to see in it going forward? Please share with us!

Of course, you can share your thoughts about the event not only here but also in the #feedback-and-suggestions channel on our Discord server! If you haven’t joined the server yet, you can do so from the link below:

Thank you all in advance!

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I was expecting something different, something more fun but the truth is it’s same as brawl but with selected heroes and just one thing change that is ‘doing headshot gives more point’ but it wasn’t as expected. Thought it would be something new, something more fun but it wasn’t.

Hope, will see some changes in the future.

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No’t really take the time to play it, because it was at the same time as bounty…
But it looked fun.


I didnt even know it started till yestermorning

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I think this was a great idea and overall it worked really well. Only complaints would be too many heroes that didn’t fit the theme and the obvious scheduling issue. Pvps should never be held on bounty weekends. Would have better if it replaced a tournament or elemental brawl.

The most important thing here is that the pvp schedule is ridiculously stale and desperately needs more unique events with more varied themes and rewards to mix things up. Hopefully this was the first step in that direction.


I played the event quite a lot, placing top 5 in the highest bracket, probably the hardest thing I’ve done in a long time. The only suggestions I have is to change the portrait rewards in higher brackets. Especially the Mythic Bracket. Perhaps change the amount of people who can receive each portrait, and remove the platinum portrait from lower brackets.

I suggest they’ll 10 players in the mythic bracket be allowed to get the platinum trim portrait, and the top 50 players get the gold trim portrait.
(Also maybe change the portrait design every once a year or half a year)

Finally, perhaps change the heros allowed every few months or so for some variety.


I would suggest the followings:

  1. Keep track of headshots and the the more headshots you get in game gets more points.
  2. Remove certain map, in particular, the train. This is a sniper challenge and you being 5 feet from your opponent is not conducive.

Add more rewards for atleast top 50, the guys who ranked at 50 deserves atleast MW tokens too and a portrait.


You will hear this comment more than any other: no events during bounties. It’s not fair to expect us to do both.


My impression on this new event is fairly good.
I agree with those saying the selection of heroes is quite odd. An example i will take of this is Jarek, who uses a pistol, being chosen over hero like Hardscope, who has a sniper and has his entire kit revolved around headshots, which is the emphasis of this gamemode.
I found it refreshing, since there were no meta mashups here. And skill expression really showed here with players needing decent aim to win rather than a mashup of meta or pure luck who counters who.
Although i found Fiber a rather odd option i think the healing reduction made up for that. Albeit she was a staple she wasn’t breaking the fun for me.
My own suggestion if this were to be reused again.

  1. Add all marksmen, this includes the likes of Bolt and Hardscope for example, and make variations with tanks and other classes for future content.
  2. Either remove Fiber or reduce the healing more. 50% damage reduction is quite a lot when she herself deals a lot of damage too.
  3. While the reasoning behind it was explained, i would love to see this not paired with bounty. Especially given only top 10 gets the portrait and MW token and we had 24 hours during a bounty, which is a time consuming duty. I’d love to see it being top 100 for the current top 10 rewards and seeing it increased to 48 hours so we can enjoy it longer.

Thank you guys for this refreshing gamemode! I had a blast playing this. Especially since i have a maxed out Arty :wink:


I can’t remember what the pvp event was called, but the 1 shot kill we had 1 time was pretty fun. Realism or something? My old brain can’t remember. This one didn’t leave a lasting impression on me though.


Very slow, take much time to complete becoz when u aim head not much zoom to view clear head for shots and reward r not good means only top 10 going to take all rewards specially in unbalanced bracket system
I hope this event will not be there again

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Please bring back this PvP event:

PvP Brawl: Realism is Coming!


Yup, that’s another good exemple. We had lots of specials like that when the game was still new. Independence day tournaments, halloween brawls, etc. We need more of those, anything to break the monotony

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Man those limited pvp events were so fun, wish we could see those come back every once in a while.

did sharpshooter event from last week break the server this weekend?

That’s not how the servers work haha
I’m sure it will get fixed soon enough

48 hours later and I’m still waiting for a pvp opponent.


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