So....What is this new mode

Well stream ended with something…interesting…



Picture looks like 8 heroes. So 4 teams? It’s tiny and blurry pic

No I think this is 2 screenies so maybe 2v2 pvp?


My speculation:2v2 player pvp
We can assume this since the killfeed showed a Serial killing another Serial, it is likely to be two on two as each pov has (Alive) serial as an ally with both players being next to each other

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I loved when muninn showed up loool

Teamed PVP essentially, gonna be dope if the servers can handle it

It’s 8 vs gorgans clearly

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Well… one of the team names in the screen shot is pvptest… lol. Either a hint? Or…

I had to work and I miss THIS?!?! :sob: :joy:

Looks like a fatal 4 way match to the death lol.

Looks fun! Can’t wait to see how this turns out, but my only problem will be not being able to find anyone to play with.

On that note… LF> Duo Partner

I’m gonna call this mode battle Royale. Or maybe needs an original name like Hunter Royale.

However it shapes out, it looks like it will be dope just from the sneak peak.

Oh great now 2 players that should be in an unopened legendary league will team up and continue dominating the mythic league and I’ll still have to put in 10x the work as elite bracket for half the rewards. Forget coop pvp open legendary already


Wonder if the new game mode will come out in June update ?

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But what if this is all the legendary bracket is? This specific map and fight style.

Gee, I don’t know. What IS this new mode?! No screen controls and then a black screen. At least the black screen came just in time to not be able to see the heroes I can’t control get blasted across the screen!

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No necromancy, before you get struck with lightning

Atleast you’re getting into matches

that’s all I get. About fed up with this game 900 days in and this has been happening since I started