Pvp events heroes

I noticed that last 2 pvp events there is lot teams without ANY event heroes. And they spoil the event meaning . I think there should be a limitiaon that in those event ATLEAST ONE HERO SHOULD be from pvp event

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Why? Just why?

That would make the game less fun because now you have an extremely limited set of combos and effective teams you can work with.

The team that shows up on the leader-board is the highest powered team that person won with. They may have used some of the event heroes, but used a team with a higher total power to get some wins.

Cuz everyone play with standard teams. What the point then to have pvp event. Lets play then usual pvp. The point is to use combo differemt from usual

I kinda agree, not make it a full roster, but it annoyed me when I was trying to play with the faction hero’s I just faced the meta and got whiped out because you don’t stand a chance.

Maybe it would help to give them even a higher points bonus or a small stats boost so people will switch around and destroy current meta in these tournaments

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I agree krat. Just give more health or damage to pmevent heroes

Yeah if you’re someone who is only playing for the gems then the points modifier is not an incentive at all–you’ll just stick to the meta teams and roll over people playing the event ‘as intended’.
To try to balance that out there could be a min/quota applied (eg at least one event hero) but a buff to event heroes would have roughly the same effect and be more palatable than a quota.

I can see both sides - using event heroes in this meta isnt fun. But players who dont have or have weak event heroes wont have fun either.

Maybe a better benefit to event heroes? Like boosted health or damage? Especially for a faction like this that is generally considered weak. Right now you only get boosted points which is nice, but its useless when you cant even win a single match. Boosting their stats/abilities/recharge rate/ whatever would allow them potential to compete and give people an incentive to try them.

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I agree with what you are expressing.

“Bonus point” for featured heroes is all nice and well, but if you can’t fit them in a team that wins, it’s not worth much.

So after, 1 or 2 loss, people revert back to their meta team which will ask for a wee bit more of a grind. but better win/loss ratio.

A great way to use these featured heroes pvp would be to test out rebalancing values on these heroe for that event. This would be a good way to field test new values before an actual update

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I think this could easily be addressed with setting up 2 queues.

  • If you have one or more of the featured heroes in your lineup, you get put into queue A.

  • If you have none of the featured heroes in your lineup, you get put into queue B.

I don’t think you could restrict it to a state of “you MUST use one or more of the featured heroes to participate”. Given that there is only 5-7 (5 for this month). But I do think you could level the field a little using the above or similar method.


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I like it. It’s simple, and it should also be fairly easy to set it up in code.

It would be interesting to see how many active players in each queue too.

I don’t think this is a great solution as it effectively gives the matchmaking machine even less players to draw from when making a match. That means it significantly increase the likelihood of either mismatches (ie totally fair teams that are at different power levels) or bot opponents, neither of which are good outcomes

Not sure what power level you play at but i don’t see much shortage in players/matches when I pvp.

I usually hover between the 73-85k range on my main account and the 60-70k on my second account.

Sure it will have an impact, but I don’t see that it would substantially increase the number of bot matches you would see instead of players. I think you might find you face the same opponents more often though.