Bad brawl idea / chaos brawl event

I know this is a really bad idea, but wouldn’t be fun on a brawl if you have some heroes that gives positive points and some who give negative points.
This would force people (like me) to do team setups outside the ordinary farm team.

Like Mandrake gives x -10 his power :stuck_out_tongue:
And give the negative points to the most used heroes, like Mandrake. Since it wouldn’t affect anyone if you gave it to Operator…

As I stated in the beginning a really bad idea, like shooting yourself in the foot… But it would probably bring some chaos to the event and chaos in a limited amount is always fun! :slight_smile:

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Well, if you win, you usually get 10 heroes power as points, so giving a x-10 to one hero is insane, you would get a total 0 score from most matches (unless the x-10 hero is really low power compared to the other 9 heroes).

It would be better to just disable them (like the UAF - KLG event did).

What they could do is a x0. That way you could still use those heroes, but get penalized if you do.


Yepp, just used the number 10 as an example! But yea its tweaking that need to be done to the idea :stuck_out_tongue:

The heroes should be usable, but it got a cost to it.

yeahhhhhhhhh, ummmm, no :stuck_out_tongue:

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