Penalty on using non bonus faction in pvp tournament

Anyone else tired of seeing the same verrill, voltage, lineup in pvp, even though they’re not featured. Devs, how about you bump up the damage, armour, etc… for featured faction so that people are more compelled to use featured faction versus the same tired meta lineup tournaments after tournaments.

An idea i had is, x percent bonus for x # of featured faction use. 1x, no bonus. 2 feature, 1.25 x. 5x, 2 x damage, hp, etc…


I understand the frustration. But, realistically. Some people want to farm gems and not points (for some reason).
Best solution would be to have freeplay on during this. And only then penalty for using non bonus. But, i do think 2 or 3 non bonus should be allowed because not everyone will run full bonus and restricting it to that makes it the exact same as the brawls. I can only advise to see it from others their perspective as well

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There are too many people not even using one bonus. My suggestion is to bump up the damage on featured factions, similar to bounty right now, to spice things up. Otherwise, the game gets really stale, really fast.

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So. I could understand your point again. But that in pvp would majorly affect the balancing. In a way it is fun to have the featured heroes shine for a month but you have to understand that as of now people would be forced to face against much stronger heroes of certain factions whilst they merely want normal pvp. Now imagine if Mercenaries is featured. You would have to face an even stronger Verrill or whichever you might have trouble with. That would probably ruin the fun even more
If we would have freeplay along this it would be no issue because it is not forced upon someone. Freeplay should always be a separate event apart from the main pvp. If something like that were to happen i truly think your last suggestion would be fun. A minor stat boost or some other boost like that of the brawls as long as people have choice.

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I agree that free play should be available, I hate wanting to do 1 person teams but the events restrict the team limit. Which is just a pain…

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Exactly. I think it would solve most problems people have. But ofcourse, just adding freeplay may still have people troll on tournaments

Pvp is anything but fun right now, so why not inject some chaos to bring about changes and innovation.

When you see the same lineup tournament after tournament, regardless of factions, all it does is make the game stale.

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Although its painful to run into when grinding pvp events, I don’t why not having bonus heros shouldn’t be allowed,

Only thing that I think should change is having it run alongside normal pvp,
(Just throwing the idea out, maybe require teams to use at least one bonus hero in the event)

I never said non faction characters should not be allowed. If you read the beginning, i suggested the more faction character you run, the bigger boost you get, similar to how bounty is run.

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But that’s exactly how that works lol, more faction characters equal bigger score reward
Edit; do you mean score reward? Or you saying heros that are bonus should receive buffs in matches?

Was days or two ago, I forgot lol
Also now I see, you mean in match buffs.

My only nitpick of the current pvp events is that it should be seperate from pvp, especially if that were to be the case as your suggesting,
I must admit, having really strong heros like bounty might be a really cool idea, however if the buff goes too high it makes it really hard, if anything it should go up to 2x stats max (maybe 3 for new hero), because a 7x verril might be a bit much…

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