Pvp glitch

So like is anyone gonna adress the pvp glitch that allowed some people to claim over 100 pvp rewards and others only 1 or 2. Dont get me wrong it was great and most people loved it but isnt it unbalanced that some people got over 100 rewards and like 100mil cash and stuff. Also wondering what your planning on doing with what we got are we allowed to keep it or can we accpect something to happen soon?


I think people who got more rewards should be allowed to keep it. But the people who didn’t get rewards ( more rewards ) due to the glitch should be given some componsation

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I am feeling very bad for vip members who pays money to HH and also who play fair for collecting gems, bucks, heronium etc. HH should revert one day progress for everyone in game to do justice with all players. Thanks… Hope devlopers do something asap


Please don’t roll anything back…I just beat 14-10 hard today and after years of trying I picked up Prophet. Oh and by the way I wasn’t on to get the 1 million heronium like others.

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Lol this happened to me and I freaked. Though the major bonuses I received was ten star-ing Alvarez and Moss and 1k+ skill points. I do agree that it was hugely unfair and some players should be compensated.

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Screen shots every where spreading… On discords, groups etc…it’s worried

[Uploading: Screenshot_20200506-092815.png

I would definitely like to see the duped rewards rolled back, even for me. Doesn’t feel great in hindsight, and would be a correction for the better.

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For now, I would say the best thing you can do is sit tight and stay as calm as you can. We’ll speak to this when we’re able.


Nope. Cause what about those who bought the new hero? What about those making that huge milestone they might not get again for a long time? It was a server issue. That’s not fair to roll back all accounts. It would be a huge pain to compensate everyone for everything they accomplished or got.

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I askee skathi to remove my frags if possible I wanna feel accomplished when I get my first 10 star And maybe some energy too I have no qws to use with it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I will answer as they would in support after accidentally opening a box

was your most careful mistake next time :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m sorry, some people claimed it over 100 times?

Yes, some people were able to claim the PVP rewards dozens or even hundreds of times while others completely missed it or were only able to claim it a few times before it stopped.

This was probably the biggest bug since a a few years ago when they had an offer where you paid a few bucks and basically got 10X the value in stuff and a ton of VIP levels. Only some Android users were able to take advantage, but they never compensated anyone else or did a server roll back.

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Thank you for the justice, great job you have my respect.

@munnin can you please provide with a list of items that were taken from my account please. You have taken items that had no bearing on the glitch.

My account name is Craig 19. I expect the list to be in my inbox ASAP.

Can you also please answer why you rolled back this glitch yet have let other numerous glitches go without doing anything about it?

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No. Sorry. That’s not something we’ll be doing.


@munnin you’ve taken gauntlet gems from my account aswell as other things… I will require a list to make sure that you have taken is correct.

Hahaha, your funny. :joy:

Ok understand its no fair you can take back stamina and heronium… But give us back QW tickets guys

Hi there
I sent à message to dev due to the fact that what they done with my account is unfair. They took my stamina, got more 3k and now 141, my Moss was 10☆ before the pvp but not promoted to, now 9☆, got about 20m cash now 2m, ruby gems don’t know but… Don’t talk about all the frags I put in reserve to up my heroes. Really, I hope something will be done because really unhappy about the solution found for this glitch. Is this glitch my responsibility ?
Maybe it is time for me to stop this game.
Of course got some screenshots (maybe a bit old may 12) to prove what I said.

Dear devs, like Craig, Would you give a list of what you have done with my account KOP IN ?
Best regards