I finished Top 100 in the PVP Event but didn’t receive the correct rewards.

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Me too. Devs please look into this. I already sent an email.

that happens to me too.

Same here sure it’s server wide and don’t get me started on war lol

cooperative assaults do not work,

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we’ll have to be patient guys. Hopefully the devs are doing their best to fix this.


I’ll continue to remain patient and hopeful but really hope they atleast compensate us with something because it was difficult placing and maintaining rank 92 to not recieve the rewards allocated for that ranking

I got mine finally 4 hours after we usualy get them

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That’s awesome, unfortunately I haven’t received my rewards as yet, what I did receive was the rewards for another tier when in fact I was suppose to receive rewards for top 100

Can someone tag a dev for me please

i feel you men. I ranked 62 but got the rewards for the bottom tie

Send in a support ticket in-game please! The team can investigate your account from there. Thank you!

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Loool I probably got your rewards :stuck_out_tongue:I got top tier rewards but didn’t rank anywhere near it, the server desync screwed over alot of things

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How do I send a support ticket?

In game, tap on your Player name, and then tap “Support” and then “Contact Us”. Or you can send an email to support@hotheadgames.com

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Dont be in a hurry for your reward guys i still havnt got mine and sent ticket when it happened

Support closed my ticket said they dont compensate

The issues are currently being investigated. We can’t discuss potential compensation when the issues are still under investigation. It’s still good to send in a support ticket, as we can keep track of affected players and the scope of the issues.


Thanks for such an immediate response devs

If the support tickets are closed are they being tracked?